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Online How To Find An Internship Workshop


NOTE: Print out or download the How To Find An Internship PowerPoint presentation before viewing the videos. There are links on the presentation you may want to use in order to dig deeper. 

How To Find An Internship PowerPoint file.

How To Find An Internship PDF file

Once you have viewed the video, remember to:

  1. Complete a short Internship Quiz. Click here to do this.
  2. Make an appointment with Mr. Sellars on Handshake. In Handshake, hover over "Career Center" and choose "Appointments". If you have questions about doing this, contact our office--CC 113 in the Student Success Center, (806) 651-2345. 

    Meetings are typically 15-30 minutes and designed for us to get to know you better, provide you an opportunity to ask questions and hopefully develop action steps fro your internship search.

If you want to jump to certain parts of the video, here are the chapter time stamps in the video.

  • The Reason Why Internships Are Important- 0:00
  • Internship Goals- 2:19
  • Why Employers Like Internships- 6:44
  • Two Types of Internships- 8:12
  • How To Apply- 13:16
  • Ideas To Build Your Top Employers List- 15:40
  • The Creative Job Search- 19:10
  • Networking Ideas- 22:15
  • Quick Tips for Success in an Internship- 31:12
  • Partnering with Career Services- 34:05
  • What If I Find My Own Internship- 36:33
  • Academic Credit- 37:22
  • Ethical Considerations- 38:36
  • Wrapping It Up- 39:46
  • Questions- 41:30

Remember, if you are local, in-person workshops are offered periodically. Click here to access our workshop schedule. Workshops are held in Career  Services-- Classroom Center (CC), Suite 113 in the Student Success Center. The online workshop certainly works but the in-person option allows for more immediate interaction.

Good luck in your search for an internship!

How To Find An Internship Video