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For your convenience, we have categorized the following job sites on the basis of the types of jobs they list and the majors that they are geared toward.  General search sites are listed first with sites specific to college majors following. The following sites list positions on the Internet. WTAMU's Career Services does not monitor any of the job sites or positions on the Internet. We do not have first hand knowledge of their scope or effectiveness. WTAMU's Career Services does not edit, monitor or verify the accuracy of the information submitted by the employers, and does not review the background of the employers. Career Services does not guarantee that all jobs and internships listed are still available and is not responsible for safety, security, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Therefore, please use discretion when using these links. The megasites offer opportunities to search based on selected criteria. If you experience difficulty linking to any of these sites, please contact Career Services. Suggestions for additional sites are always welcomed.