Counseling Services Transition to college

Helping Your Student Transition to College

Parents, remember that the transition to college can be a stressful experience, especially if your child has not lived away from home before. During this important time of “family transition”, you may be tempted to put your own feeling and reactions “on hold” but attending to your own emotional needs will go a long way to helping everyone feel more comfortable about the upcoming challenges going to college presents.

Recognize that feelings of ambivalence, anxiety, and excitement are normal, and you may experience a variety of these emotions. While ambivalence and anxiety are common during this period of transition, it is also normal to look forward to the relative peace and quiet along with the opportunity to spend more time with spouse and/or younger children.

Remember that coming to WTAMU is a tremendously important developmental step toward adulthood and typically represents the past 18 years or so of learning, most of which has been geared toward assuming a productive place in the world. Parents often find that it helps to focus on the opportunity of a college education that has been provided for their child.