CTS Program Application

WTAMU COLLEGE TALENT SEARCH is a federally funded TRIO Program designed to help persons who would like to continue their education beyond high school. We offer the following services FREE of charge to eligible students.

  • Academic Counseling: Information on high school degree requirements, college requirements, etc.
  • College Admissions: Deadlines, procedures, assistance with applications, housing info, etc.
  • Career Counseling: Information, guidance, etc.
  • College Information: Deadlines, cost, processes, programs of study, special enrollment procedures, etc.
  • Financial Aid & Financial Literacy: Assistance with applying for financial aid, information on financial aid options - how to fund college, deadlines, connections to information on scholarships, information on loans and repayment, etc.
  • Mentoring & Tutoring: Connections to a college student, career-related mentor, or tutor.
  • Testing Information: Information on required tests - ACT/SAT/TSI, connections to test prep, registration assistance, study tips and skills, determining TSI status, reviewing test scores in regard to college admissions/scholarships, etc.

To be eligible students must be attending 8th through 12th grade in Amarillo and Hereford I.S.D's.


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