How to Take Constructive Feedback

We have all been given feedback that wasn’t favorable, and it never really feels great. However, if we focus on how it is going to make us better in some way it can help us become a better version of ourselves. It’s great to expand your mind to what you could be doing better, so here are five suggestions on how to receive constructive feedback.

Realize it’s about the work. Try not to take constructive feedback personally. This is a terrible rabbit hole to fall down because then everything becomes about you, in a bad way. Focus on how you can improve.  

Notice your body language and make sure it is accepting. You may be saying all the right things about how you love growing and improving but if every time someone has a suggestion for you, you cross your arms and give them dead eyes, that’s not going to make others want to help you grow.  

Ask for it! If you really are excited to grow as a professional regularly ask for constructive feedback. Not everyone will have feedback or want to share it, but if you consistently ask for it eventually you discover things you can work on and improve in.  

Take it with a grain of salt. Not all feedback is constructive or good, so be wary of whose feedback you are listening to. If it is your supervisor you should probably pay attention and strongly consider making the suggested changes. Outsiders may not understand the why behind your choices, so it might be less helpful listen to their perspectives. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to helpful feedback from others, just be cautious not to change everything based on one opinion.  

Thank them! Even if you don’t agree with the feedback thank the person and listen with an open mind. There may be one suggestion you can take away from what they are saying. You also are inviting future feedback that may be more helpful.  

If you would like constructive feedback seek it from sources you trust. It can be easier to hear it from someone you know has your best interests at heart. Additionally, if you would like feedback on your resume, cover letter, or interview answers, our office can help you with that! Call us or visit Handshake to sign up for an appointment today.  

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