Self-Guided Walk Through MyPlan

MyPlan is a great resource, with great tips, and can truly help you figure out a lot about yourselves. From your personality type to your interests and values, even to possible majors to study or careers to pursue. Along with providing this resource, Career Services also provides career coaching that can help you to understand your assessment results. But what if you have questions about your results but can't meet with a career coach? You may be asking yourself "where do I start?"

An important question!

A strong sense of purpose and motivation is important for human happiness.  But how does one get that at work? Or how do you find a workplace that will fit your needs?

Consider this quote from Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist:
"It isn't normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement."

But does that mean one should shy away from the difficulty and avoid the topic? No Way!

Everyone wants to thrive at work, and thankfully there are ways to set the stage.

This guide plus additional campus resources are here to help you make a strong major and/or career decision-- based on learning about you, learning what is out there, comparing options, and taking focused action steps so you can make an informed decision.                                                                                       

Let’s start with the major decision...
Checkout Advising's Degree Checklist
Cross out all the majors you know you don't want to consider

Highlight all the majors you may want to consider

How to Get an Account
MyPlan Setup
Follow the steps in the picture to set up your account. Be sure to use our code to ensure everything is free!
Once you finish registering, you'll be ready to take the four assessments!

More Information on MyPlan

MyPlan offers four assessments, Personality, Interests, Skills and Values. If you are unsure if those will be beneficial to you, here's some good information on those four topics:



Before you leave MyPlan look over the Majors tab where you can learn about various majors and identify job titles
that are associated with those majors.

The Careers tab offers a search component where you can search for occupations in the MyPlan database.

There are lots of other interesting things to look at on MyPlan so check it out, all around.

Reviewing your MyPlan Assessment results
Click on the Assessment tab and find your reports listed in the column on the left.  Go through each report individually
by clicking on its name.
*Be sure to notice the graphic of your interest categories on the second page of your interest
test report.
reviewing myplan
Notice there is a CareerMatchTM list at the top of each of your test reports. This is where you can find a list of occupations
related to your results on that test.
cm highlight
Researching occupations on MyPlan:

Look through your CareerMatchTM lists and click on occupations of possible interest. 

Remember:  Just because something is at the top of your list, it doesn’t mean you "should" choose it for your career!  Assessments can’t make our decisions for us, just give us options we may want to explore.

When you research on MyPlan, (please!) read all through the listing on each career title you have clicked on. The front page provides a great summary (letting us know what they are trying to accomplish in the job), but the details are in the following pages (including what they actually do all day). Details definitely matter when it comes to career choice.

When you have read through an occupation and decide it is one to consider, save it in your portfolio. Save 3-5 occupations in your portfolio to compare against each other.

cm r and s
Career Guides

Career guides contain valuable resources on how to find employment. The career guides listed here are published by their respective universities to assist students in their job search. WTAMU's Career Services is not going to recreate the wheel in that there are extraordinarily good career guides already available. The following links provide powerful tips, skills, techniques and systems you can use to find employment. Make sure you check out all of the other services offered to students and alumni of WTAMU.

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