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Alumni & Community Safe Zone Trained

Chris Carthel
Virginia Carthel
Lana King
Stephen Potter
James Skaggs
Olivia Trabysh
Reese Beddingfield
Melonie Johnson
Misty McKinney
Amy Barton
Cyn Palmer
Braden Malone
Carolina Brea
Abbie Fred
Alice Higgins
John Lerma
Lindsey O'Neal
Sonja Saenz
Erica Smith
Jake Splawn
Sarah A. West
Kyontasia Wilson
Stefanie Wilt
Allexa Zwinck, Broken Belts Collective, 806-340-9456
Sharon Cothron
Adam Gonzales

Bekki McQuay, LPC

Equality Texas
Lisa Starr
Kim Nethery

Family Support Services - (806) 342-2500
Kristy Roberts
Jesus Valiente

Haven Health Clinic
Pam Flores
Abril Vasquez

Managed Care Center for Addiction & Other Disorders
Diane Wilson

Palo Duro High School - (806) 676-7967
Caleb Baker, Counseling

Panhandle Criminal Defense Attorney
David Christopher Hesse

River Road High School - (806) 383-8867
Angela Fennell, Counseling
Kara Gorman, Counseling