Rogers LEAD WT - Requirements

Rogers LEAD WT Requirements

In order to receive a Leadership Certificate, Rogers LEAD WT Scholars must complete the following as outlined on the Leadership Certificate Checklist:

  1. Complete four, one hour Leadership Courses with the other Rogers LEAD WT Scholars. One course will be offered each long semester. 
  2. Complete eight additional credit hours of approved leadership coursework. These courses may be offered as a part of a student's degree requirements, or students may take courses outside of their major to complete the requirements when necessary.
  3. Complete an approved internship experience.
  4. Participate in six approved program events, including orientation/training, an etiquette dinner, a networking event, a graduation reception, and two other events assigned by the Rogers LEAD WT staff.
  5. Work with a group to complete a significant service project, and make a presentation about the experience.