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West Texas A&M University requires all individuals conducting or participating in research projects (including faculty, staff, and students) that involve human subjects (or serving on the IRB committee) to complete training for the Protection of Human Subjects. This requirement is met by the successful completion of the online training module from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website.

All individuals engaged in research involving human subjects must complete the CITI training modules and quizzes with a minimum score of 80%. Successful completion of the course is required and the course may be repeated as necessary to achieve the 80% score. At the time of completion, a certificate can be printed by the trainee and must be submitted with your IRB submission. Electronic notification is also sent to the Office of Academic and Research Environmental Health and Safety.

Individuals may exit and resume the training at any time. Once successfully completed, a refresher course is required every three years. At any time, you may return to the training modules to print a certificate.

Successful completion of the appropriate CITI modules is required before submission of the Institutional Review Board Protocol Form for the Protection of Human Subjects. Protocol forms will be reviewed only after the researcher has completed the CITI training.

This document will guide you through the CITI registration process. The guidance provided is appropriate for most human subjects researchers. This guidance should be readily accessible prior to initiating the CITI registration process.


Training Delineation