nso FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

All new students must attend an orientation session.

When is NSO?

Dates for Spring 2020 are January 10.

Summer 2020 NSO Dates are May 28-29, June 4-5, June 11-12, June 18-19, June 25-26, August 17-18.

How much does NSO cost?

Summer NSOs- NSO is $150, which includes NSO and Buff Branding.  This includes overnight housing for students.  Guests are $35 each. The NSO fee is added to the student’s bill at the beginning of the first long semester.

January NSO- NSO is $75.  Guests are $25 each. The NSO fee is added to the student's bill at the beginning of their first semester.

What if those dates don't work for me or there is a special circumstance where I am unable to attend NSO?

All students must attend a NSO.  If you have a special circumstance that conflicts with the NSO dates, please email Amanda at alawson@wtamu.edu to see if an alternative can be arranged for you.

Is there an online orientation?

Online orientation is only available for transfer students or online only freshmen.  Online only freshmen need to contact Amanda at alawson@wtamu.edu for further information.

Do I have to stay on campus during NSO?

Summer NSOs- Yes, all new students will be assigned a room at check-in.  Students will be staying in Jarrett Hall.   If family members choose to stay on campus, they will need to reserve a room on the NSO Family page.  Family Members will not be staying in the same hall as students. The price is TBD per room for the entire stay of the NSO (Wednesday evening through Friday morning); no Friday night stays are available.  Students do not need to make a reservation.  We are not able to provide housing for students during the August 17-18 NSO.  However, we will arrange for them to move-in to their Fall room assignment prior to NSO in August.

What should I bring?

Check out our list of what to bring during orientation.

When does NSO Start?

A tentative schedule will be available in Spring 2020 for Summer NSOs.  The January schedule will be sent to students through email.

When does NSO end?

A tentative schedule will be available in Spring 2020 for Summer NSOs.  The January schedule will be sent to students through email.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, we provide all meals during an orientation starting with lunch on the first day and ending with lunch on the second day.

Where can I find the schedule?

You can find the schedule on our  website or on the WT Mobile App.

Do parents have to attend?

Parents are not required to attend, and if they choose to come, they will be participating in separate sessions from their students.

Do I have to attend all sessions?

All students are required to attend ALL Sessions; if a student misses any session, they will not be able to register and will have to attend another NSO.

How do I find my Buff ID?

Your Buff ID number is located in your acceptance letter from WT; if not, then contact the Office of Admissions (806-651-2020), and they will be happy to help you.

What documents do you still need from me?

Admissions can tell you if you are missing any documents to complete your admission file.  If you have additional documents like transcripts, shots, test scores, etc., you will need to contact the Office of Admissions (806-651-2020).

What if I need to change my NSO date or number of guests?

If you are wanting to change any information on your Registration Form, you may do so on the change reservation link  or you may contact Amanda Lawson via email at alawson@wtamu.edu.

Testing/TSI Questions?

Any questions over the TSI Exams can be answered by Educational Services/Testing Services (806-651-2341).

Contact Information:

           For any other questions, please contact the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership at 806-651-2313.