WTAMU Renews Destination WT with Local Community Colleges


Oct. 31, 2018

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WTAMU Renews Destination WT with Local Community Colleges


CANYON, Texas—President Walter Wendler of West Texas A&M University signed a comprehensive services agreement this week for transfer students called Destination WT along with President Russell Lowery-Hart of Amarillo College (AC), President Jud Hicks of Frank Phillips College (FPC) and President Robert Riza of Clarendon College (CC).

The agreement will grant students earning an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree at these colleges several University benefits even before taking a class at WTAMU. Services like transfer advising through Buff Portal, financial planning with Buff$mart and access to University pre-professional organizations are some of the highlighted perks of being part of Destination WT.

“This is precisely the kind of transfer relationship our students are looking for and what they deserve,” Lowery-Hart said. “WT offers high-quality educational opportunities that are close to home and very affordable, even more so now for the AISD graduates who take advantage of the new Thrive Scholarship that lets them attend Amarillo College for free. Together, we will continue to provide our students with the support they need to successfully transfer, complete their degrees and achieve their dreams.”

Once students transfer to WTAMU, they will continue to receive Destination WT support with additional benefits like priority registration according to their classification and living accommodations near other transfer students with potential residential living assistance through WTAMU’s housing incentive.

“WT has always been our preferred transfer pathway, and we look forward to the ease and accessibility our students now have with Destination WT,” Hicks said. “This is exactly the type of program we are looking for here at FPC for our students who hope to complete a 4-year degree and transfer to a university.”

Additionally, transferring students will have enhanced financial assistance including automatic scholarships granted to those with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Those inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society while at their community college will be able to enter the WTAMU Attebury Honors Program  and receive a one-time scholarship of $500.

“Establishing these partnerships with AC, FPC and CC through Destination WT creates an avenue of support for students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree,” Wendler said. “As soon as they declare an A.A. or A.S. major, they’ll begin receiving University academic support from our faculty and staff. Destination WT will help us foster relationships with our future students early and ensure they’re taking courses that will transfer when they’re ready to come to WTAMU.”

Wendler and Riza signed a similar agreement for transferring students earlier this month focused on bridging the two nursing programs through WTAMU’s RN to BSN program.

To learn more about Destination WT, call either transfer admissions counselor at 806-651-2018 for Sarah Kauhl or 806-651-2019 for Andrew Alexander.



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