WTAMU Applications Just Got Put on the Fast Track


Dec. 19, 2018

CONTACT: Jeffrey Baylor, 806-651-2020, jbaylor@wtamu.edu

COPY BY: Brittany Castillo, 806-651-2682, bcastillo@wtamu.edu

WTAMU Applications Just Got Put on the Fast Track


CANYON, Texas – Administrators at West Texas A&M University have launched a new feature on the WT Mobile App to quicken the application process. Now, prospective students can learn their likelihood of acceptance within minutes of completing the Admissions Fast Track App questionnaire on a smartphone.

In today’s fast-paced era, audiences have no interest in lengthy applications and prolonged correspondence. This applies especially to younger, technologically savvy generations, and to stay connected, universities like WTAMU have changed the way they engage with their future students.

“Good students come early, and they plan ahead. We want those students, so we need to be faster and be more innovative to get their attention and commitment,” Dr. Walter Wendler, president of WTAMU, said.

The fast-track feature opens with two student options – freshman or transfer. Upon selection, the user is redirected to a six- or two- question survey assessing the prospective student’s candidacy for admission including SAT/ACT scores, GPA and class rank. Once submitted, the app provides instant feedback as to their admissibility at WTAMU before the screen even goes black.

“It took us about a month to build this feature on the official WT mobile app. The hardest part about this development will be adapting to the change in information intake,” James Webb, chief information officer at WTAMU, said. “Competition for students has increased, and we have to embrace these technologies if we want to remain competitive.”

Pending official documents including a high school transcript, this fast-track app feature will allow students to decide more quickly on their school and plug into the WTAMU network almost instantly. Newly hired Executive Director of Admissions Jeffrey Baylor is eager to jump into WTAMU’s “digital transformation” with years of professional experience in similar initiatives in higher education.

“Community really starts online now. With all the social media platforms and wide accessibility, the upcoming generations are experts with meeting and getting information online,” Baylor said. “Digital transformation is a need they’re requesting, and we need to let them guide us. This will change the way we do business for the better.”

In addition to the fast-track app, WTAMU recently launched a virtual reality experience for campus tours. Prospective students can visit each building online before even stepping foot in Canyon, and for online students, campus has never been more accessible or appreciated.

To access the Admissions Fast Track App, download the WT Mobile App on any smartphone. Contact WTAMU Admissions at 806-651-2020 for further assistance.


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