WT Police Department Announces New Resource for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Jan. 14, 2019

CONTACT:    Sgt. Barbara Ferrara, 806-651-2318, bferrara@wtamu.edu

WT Police Department Announces New Resource for Survivors of Sexual Assault


CANYON, Texas— The University Police Department (UPD) at West Texas A&M University has announced a new method to report crimes of sexual assault through SeekthenSpeak.org.University Police Department

Seek Then Speak provides victims/survivors of sexual assault answers to their questions and informs them of their options for reporting when they are ready. The multilingual platform allows victims/survivors to engage in a gradual and supportive dialogue and can be accessed through web, phone or mobile app. Through Seek Then Speak, victims/survivors can remain anonymous until they choose to make direct contact with the police department, Title IX or victim’s services.

UPD recognizes that victims/survivors of sexual assaults may not want to have a police officer show up and take a report, or that victims/survivors may have other barriers to reporting. Seek Then Speak was created to provide solutions to these challenges and offer victims/survivors an additional option for gathering information and seeking support.

There are several ways to access the information:
• visit http://www.wtamu.edu/university_police/start-by-believing.aspx;
• visit SeekthenSpeak.org;
• download the Seek Then Speak app on an Apple and Android device; or
• call 1-888-865-9863.

Seek Then Speak works in partnership with an agency platform called Victim Link, which was co-developed by Ten8Tech and End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI). Victim Link combines technology and education to improve community responses to sexual assault. The programs also coordinate with Start by Believing, the campaign that prepares friends and family members to respond appropriately to a sexual assault disclosure, which WTAMU has been a part of since 2016. Together, they offer a two-part solution for responding to victims/survivors of sexual assault.

For more information about this new resource, contact UPD at 806-651-2318.