WT Launches Dual Admission Program With Local Colleges


March 19, 2019

CONTACT: Dr. Brad W. Johnson, 806-651-2034, bwjohnson@wtamu.edu

WT Launches Dual Admission Program With Local Colleges


AMARILLO, Texas— Representatives of West Texas A&M University and leadership of community colleges in the Texas Panhandle met to solidify their partnership to smooth the transfer path for students and increase educational attainment in the Texas Panhandle.

While 80 percent of community college students reportedly want a bachelor’s degree, only about 20 percent earn that degree within a six year span. The presidents from WT, Amarillo College, Frank Phillips College and Clarendon College have set out to change this by developing a unique dual admission program called Destination WT.

“This plan is a comprehensive set of support services including features that as far as we know do not exist in this way anywhere in Texas. All four institutions are very serious about assuring that students have a realistic opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree, if that is the right path for them,” Dr. Walter V. Wendler, president of WT, said.

Beginning this fall, WT will be providing enhanced advising support to students from early in their community college careers. Students will be able to see their actual community college coursework transferred into the WT degree plans through their cell phones or computers assuring they have the latest information about progress toward a degree.

“I am pleased that WT is doing far more than just talking about transfer students. They are actually implementing changes that give us the opportunity to work more closely to increase the number and quality of college graduates in our region,” Dr. Robert Riza, president of Clarendon College, said.

Students will be able to pick alternate majors and immediately see how their courses would fit into that new goal. Additionally, they can more accurately assess when it is time to transfer, assuring the shortest and most efficient path to their degree.

“With this new approach to transfer pathways, WT and Amarillo College are partnering in deep and meaningful ways that improve the educational process for students while at my college and after they transition to WT,”  Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, president of Amarillo College, said.

WT will provide several other valuable services as well such as assistance creating a financial plan to pay for college, simplified admissions, automatic scholarships up to $4,000 per year and discounted campus housing.

“Our part of Texas needs more college educated citizens. We recognize that we share this responsibility with WT and are excited about working even more closely to the benefit of our students,” Dr. Jud Hicks, president of Frank Phillips College, said.

For more information about Destination WT or admission to WT, please contact the WT Admissions Office at 806-651-2020.



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Nipam Raval
on 5.6.2019

I am a current freshman in high school who is interested in the dual enrollment program, how should I begienrolling and who should I approach with questions?