Unique Study Abroad Partnership Offers New Course for WTAMU Students

Oct. 30, 2018

CONTACT:    Kim Bruce, 806-651-2817, kbruce@wtamu.edu
                     Stephanie Price, 806-651-2235, sprice@pphm.wtamu.edu

Unique Study Abroad Partnership Offers New Course for WTAMU Students


CANYON, Texas—West Texas A&M  University’s Department of Communication and Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (PPHM) will offer a uniquely collaborative study abroad program for students to travel to England, France and Scotland May 1Kim Bruce2-25 to study “How Museums and Cultural Institutions are Impacted by Media and Social Media."

Beginning on campus, this spring course (MCOM/COMM 4300) will lay the framework for the May study abroad trip with analysis of PPHM’s media and social media influence. Once abroad, The WTAMU students will learn from local social media specialists at selected museums regarding their role and impact of digital media on their organization. The students will craft travel writing pieces regarding their experiences and learn how to write, edit and publish social media content.

The trip will give the students an opportunity to visit the Google Lab in Paris, Ashmolean Museum, Louvre, British Museum and many historical and culturally significant sites. Train travel between countries and excursions to Scottish Northumbia and Oxford will be included in the cost of the program. Kim Bruce, associate lecturer of media communication, and Stephanie Price, PPHM marketing and communication director, are leading the course.        

“In today’s global marketplace, employers are looking for candidates with the understanding of global impact in an ever-changing digital world,” Price said. “The opportunity to learn from a local institution like PPHM and institutions overseas will open students to new ideas and career paths. Many advertising students may not have considered museums and attractions for their future career paths, and this trip could inspire a love of the traveStephanie Pricel, museum or attractions industry.”

Price has traveled abroad both as a study abroad student and personally but this will be her first time to travel as a student leader. While she will be new to leading, her work in the museum field brings an important perspective for students.

As a faculty member, Bruce has co-led study abroad trips with former WTAMU professor, Dr. Butler Cain, to Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan in 2013 and Jeju Island, Gwangju and Seoul, South Korea in 2015.

“This kind of experience changes student perspectives and widens their dreams and goals,” Bruce said. “Many of the WT alumni who traveled to Asia in study abroad live globally-centered lives and/or have lived abroad. Taking this first step traveling with a team is ideal. Additionally, the class and experience coupled together are ideal for preparing for and soaking in this European-focused experience.”

The course content was formed in conjunction with the International Studies Abroad and World Strides organization. Students must register for the class MCOM/COMM 4300 and be available for a spring semester course to be held at PPHM. Registration for the spring semester at WTAMU begins Thursday, Nov. 1 for graduate students, Nov. 2 for seniors, Nov. 5 for juniors, Nov. 8 for sophomores and Nov. 12 for freshman.

For information about cost and applications, contact Kim Bruce at kbruce@wtamu.edu or Stephanie Price at sprice@pphm.wtamu.edu.


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