School to Launch Instant Admit Program for WT Applicants


May 21, 2019

CONTACT: Jeff Baylor, 806-651-2020,

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School to Launch Instant Admit Program for WT Applicants

CANYON, Texas—Officials at Ascension Academy (AA) and West Texas A&M University signed a memorandum of understanding to admit any number of high school graduates from AA to the University at the recommendation of the head of school, Dr. William Summerhill, Rev. Jr. Ph.D.

The program, called the Ascension Academy Instant Admit program, was designed to enhance the educational cooperation between the two entities and streamline the college admissions process for those recommended to attend WT. The initiative expands access to a four-year college education with the guidance of trusted advisers.

“Today is a great day for both Ascension Academy and West Texas A&M University. The Ascension Academy Instant Admit Program exemplifies our commitment to our local community,” Mike Knox, vice president of student enrollment, engagement and success at WT, said. “We value our local schools because we have confidence in our local teachers. It’s our privilege to have the opportunity to celebrate the success of local students and it’s our responsibility to provide a high quality and affordable four-year college experience here at home. Together, we can strengthen our community, one student at a time. It’s a great day to be a Buff.”

 Criteria for the program includes:

  • Recommendation by the head of school
  • 2.0 GPA or greater
  • Completed application to
  • Meet Texas Uniform Admission Policy *or have a signed exemption from a school official that shows applicant completed coursework “equal in content and rigor” to the graduating program

Students with an ACT/SAT score of 24/1160 or higher or a GPA of 3.5 or higher receive an automatic scholarship and can be given up to $6,000 in financial assistance. Additionally, those with an ACT/SAT score of 26/1270 or greater will be placed in the William H. and Joyce Attebury Honors Program at WT.

"Every young person deserves access to a great education. But for students who want to go to college, access alone cannot guarantee that students will be qualified to earn a degree,” Summerhill said. “Today's agreement between AA and WT creates an affordable pathway for students to attend the area's most proven college prep school, and upon graduation, earn an automatic acceptance into our outstanding regional university, most with scholarships. When access to education is combined with preparation to succeed, dreams come true."  

Automatic admissions are not limited, and candidates will be verified by executive director of WT upon recommendation. For more information about automatic admission initiatives, contact the admissions office at 806-651-2020 or