ChemSpider: Chemical Searching And Information Integration
Allows users to search for information on chemical compounds by name, formula, or structure.
ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources
Supplies chemistry educators and students with links to information on chemistry courses and topics, chemical images and databases, chemical safety, the history of chemistry, and other related chemistry sites.
A free podcast on the past, present and future of chemistry. New episodes every other Friday.
Overview of Chemical Mailing Lists
Produces a chemistry mailing list with a brief description of each list as well as instructions on how to subscribe.
The "Virtual" Chemistry Center
Contains a wealth of information on chemistry including periodic tables, patent searching, material safety data sheets, chemistry tutorials, and links to other chemistry related databases.


Physics World Events
Maintains a list of current events and news related items of interest to physicists including recent job announcements and upcoming conference deadlines.
The American Institute Of Physics Education Page and AIP Physics News Update
Two pages from the American Institute of Physics that offer educational resources for students and educators and news on science policy, breaking physics research, and the science behind current affairs
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