Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (Findlaw)
An attempt to survey the whole of law & economics literature, with each entry containing a review of the literature, written by an authority in the field, followed a quasi complete bibliography. Published simultaneously in both electronic and printed form. Searchable.

Professional Associations, Societies, and Conferences

RFE: Societies and Associations
Links to economics societies and associations on the Web. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively.
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World: Associations and Societies
Another collection of links to economics societies and associations on the Web. Searchable.
RFE: Conferences
Links to conferences on economics and economics-related subjects. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively.

Job Hunting Resources

Job Openings for Economists
Published jointly by the American Economic Association and the Department of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin in February, April, June, August, October, November (Supplement to October), and December.
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Jobs - Economics
Weekly listing of economics jobs from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Searchable. You can also sign-up to receive weekly e-mail of new jobs.
RFE: Jobs, Grants, & Academic Advice
Links to sources for job openings and job candidates. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively.
Links to sources for job announcements in economics from throughout the world.

Lists of Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

RFE / Mailing Lists
Comprehensive listing for mailing lists in economics. Organized by JEL classification, each entry includes instructions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe and a link to the list archive, if there is one.
RFE / Usenet Newsgroups
Lists Usenet discussion groups in economics and related subjects.
Provides access to he world's largest collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles and software.
Fed in Print: A Database of Federal Reserve System Economic Research
Searchable database of Federal Reserve publications. Be sure to read the searching instructions.
RFE: Bibliographical Databases and Information
Links to sources of bibliographic information about working papers and journal articles. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively.
National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers
Searchable index for the nearly 7,000 NBER Working Papers published since 1973. Recent publications may be ordered online as well (for a fee).
RFE: Working Papers
Links to sources for working papers on the web. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively.

General Guides

Resources for Economists on the Internet
A selective guide to more than 700 Internet resources for academic and practicing economists. Most entries are annotated, some quite extensively. Searchable. Includes short annotations. A good place to start.
Inomics: The Internet Site for Economists
Includes news, job openings, conference announcements, a browsable directory as well as a search engine for economic information available on the web.
Internet resources for economists
Links to classic texts, textbooks, data sources, journals, associations, institutes, forecasting and consulting services, directories, etc. Includes short annotations.

Specialized Guides

UNO Center for Economic Education
Resources for K-12 and college teachers. Includes annotated links to economic information sites of particular use to teachers.
Economic History Services
Resources on economic and business history and history of economics. Includes a database of abstracts of dissertations, working papers, conference presentations, journal articles, and contributions to anthologies; a collection of course syllabi; book reviews; and some downloadable data series. Maintains several mailing lists in economic and business history.
Encyclopedia of Law & Economics (FindLaw)
Extensive listings of resources in economics and law. Includes links to: an encyclopedia, working papers, bibliographies, mailing lists, publishers, government resources, associations, directories, academic programs, outlines, consultants and more. Searchable.
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