NASA's site covers everything about space, including news about projects and missions, and how what we learn in space can help make life better on earth. Below are some specific sites of interest from NASA.
NASA Space Centers
Click here for a list of the various Space Centers. Each Space Center concentrates on specific aspects of air travel. Texas has a Space Center in Houston - Johnson Space Center. The Johnson Space Center is the home of the Space Shuttle Program, and the research base for the International Space Station. There is a link just for students.
NASA Education
Click here for NASA education materials for students and educators.
Your Sky
Your Sky is an interactive planetarium on the Web. It is possible to produce maps for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location.


Federal Aviation Administration
The FAA has a great site about airlines, airports, space travel, and other information.
Texas Aviation Information
Includes current security information, news about the adopt-an-airport program, grants to help local airports, and even instructions on how to build a farm or ranch airstrip.
United States Air Force
This site has a great art and photo collection, in addition to news from Air Force bases, and the war in Iraq. The Thunderbirds are the flying squadron for the Air Force.
Aviation Schools
Click here to see what schools specialize in Aviation.
Dryden Research Aircraft Graphics Gallery
Click here to check out line drawings of planes past, present, and future, from the B-52 to the XB-70A Valkyrie.


National Weather Service Forecast for Amarillo, Texas
Information about Amarillo's weather from the National Weather Service.
Aviation Weather Center
The AWC enhances aviation safety by issuing accurate warnings, forecasts and analyses of hazardous weather for aviation interests. Here you can see RADAR, satellite, forecasts, winds and temperatures aloft, notices to airmen, and volcanic eruptions.
Aviation Digital Data Service
The Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) makes available to the aviation community digital and graphical analyses, forecasts and observations of meteorological variables. Click on the various tabs, such as Turbulence, and see where turbulence has been reported for today.
Space Weather
Learn how what happens on the Sun affects weather on Earth.

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