Getting a Library Card

West Texas A&M University students, faculty, staff, and retirees are automatically registered to check out library material with your Buffalo Gold Card. You must have your Buffalo Gold Card with you and present it at the Research & Access Desk in order to check out materials. Other options are available for Friends of the Cornette Library and library users with TexShare cards. Special cards are issued to the Destination WT and Amarillo High School International Baccalaureate students.

Checkout Periods

Table informs you of the loan period, the number of books you can check out, and the number of renewals by your category (e.g. faculty, staff, undergraduate, or graduate)
User Group Loan Period # of Books # of Renewals
Undergraduate Students, AHS Intl. Bacc., Destination WT, Contract Labor21 days1005
Faculty, Retired Faculty, Faculty Emeriti, PTI, Staff, Retired Staff120 days1003
Friends of the Cornette Library120 days15 total, 5 IRC3
Graduate Students, GA, TA, RA, AAC, Thesis120 Days1000 Books due at end of semester (5/15, 8/15, 12/15)
TexShare, Camps, Continuing Ed., Visiting Scholars21 days20 total, 5 IRC5

Patron Groups

Staff, Retired Staff, Grad Stud., Affiliates, & Dependents
Undergrads, AHS Intl. Bacc., Destination WT, Distance Ed., & Contract Labor
Faculty, Retired Faculty, Faculty Emeriti, PTIs, TAs, GAs, RAs, AACs, & Thesis
Texshare, Camps, Continuing Ed., & Visiting Scholars
Friends Level 1
Friends Level 2
Supporting, Sustaining, Patron, Benefactor, & Lifetime

Returning Materials

Cornette Library Materials

You may return Cornette Library items by:

  • Handing your items to the Research & Access staff at the Research & Access desk,
  • Dropping your items into the book return slots on the east side of the desk, or
  • Dropping your items into the outside book return located on the library's east side near the top of the ramp.


Special care should be taken when returning pamphlets, CD's, and oversize books. Please return these in person and hand them to a member of the Research & Access staff. Likewise, books that may have been damaged while in your possession should be returned in person. This same procedure should be followed when you have been allowed to check out fragile items.

Items Borrowed Using a Cornette Library Issued TexShare Card

If you checked out library material from another library using a Cornette Library issued TexShare card, please return those items within the loan period to the library your borrowed them from by:

  • Returning the item in person to the lending library
  • Mailing the item to the lending library using first class, insured mail.


The patron is responsible to the lending library for costs associated with postage and/or lost or damaged materials. Cornette Library has the right to place administrative restrictions on WTAMU records for materials that are not properly returned to the lending library.

Interlibrary Loan Materials

Library materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan should be returned to the drop box at the ILL Counter. If you are returning materials outside of regular business hours, please give them directly to the Research & Access Services Desk.

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