The Research & Access Services Unit is here to help you find (research) and obtain (access) information. We offer various services and resources.

We are located near the library's atrium on the 1st floor, straight across from any library entrance.


Finding Resources

The Cornette Library provides access to many physical and digital resources. You can find resources by subject or course, individual databases, or journal title.

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Getting Help

We will help you find the research you need at the Research & Access Desk, by using the "Live Chat" button located on the top-right of the page, or by using any of the following:

Circulation Services

Quick Catalog Search

Information about Circulation Services

We check out books and other library materials, processes those materials on their return, and then re-shelves them in their appropriate locations in the Library. We also maintain the photocopiers, process fines and lost books, handle lost and found items, create community library cards (e.g. TexShare and Friends) as well as many other essential services.


Quick Reserves Search

Information about Reserves

Course reserves are a collection of physical (books, pamphlets, etc.) and electronic (Word, PDFs, PowerPoint, etc.) materials placed on reserve by faculty. By using course reserves, faculty and the library are ensuring everyone within a class has fair access to material.

The Course Reserve Collection is located in a closed stack (restricted access) area at the Research & Access Desk. Faculty members who are teaching courses can have library or personal items added to physical reserves or eReserves.

Interlibrary Loan

WTAMU students, faculty, staff, and Friends of Cornette Library (Supporting level and above) can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILL allows patrons to borrow research materials from the collections of other libraries.

The ILL Office is located in the west hall at the south end of the Cornette Library. The normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact the Interlibrary Loan department at (806) 651-2406

Request an Item

If you find an item we do not have access to, you will often find a link to request the item from Interlibrary Loan. You may also want to consider using the following database to search for items not held at the Cornette Library:


Instructions to Request an Item

  • For books please provide author, title, publisher, and publication date.
  • For articles please provide author, title, journal/magazine/newspaper title, date or volume/issue of publication, and page numbers.
  • For other media, please provide format, producer, and any other unique information.
  • If you cannot find any of the above information, please let us know.
  • Submit request using your choice of:

Receiving Materials

  • Generally no charge, but you will be contacted in advance if there will be any fee.
  • Allow up to 1 week for articles to arrive.
  • Allow 1-3 weeks for books to arrive.
  • You will be notified by email or telephone when your material arrives.
  • Material can be picked up in the ILL office or at the Research & Access Desk.
  • Some articles may be delivered as PDF attachments to email.
  • Articles will typically be delivered online. You’ll receive email notification when the article is available. Login to your ILL account and retrieve the item under the “Download” tab. Download/print these within 30 days. Click on the transaction number to get the PDF.
  • Rarely, articles will be received as photocopies that can be picked up at ILL desk.
  • Microfilm or rare materials may only be used in the library.

Returning Materials

  • Renewal and check-out periods are determined by the lending library.
  • Articles are yours to keep.
  • Books and other materials can be returned to ILL office 8-5, M-F or to the Research & Access Desk.
  • Please do not return ILL materials to external book drops.

Fines & Fees

  • Overdue ILL items accrue fines at $1.00/day.
  • Replacement fees for lost or damaged items are assessed by the lending library, not Cornette Library.

Interlibrary Loan strives to provide our patrons access to materials that we do not physically own or license. In this regard, the library is limited by Section 108 of the Copyright Law, CONTU Guidelines, and licensing agreements. While copyright compliance is the responsibility of the patron (you), the Library cannot fulfill a request if we:

  • have notice that a copy will be used for a purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.
  • are aware or have substantial reason to believe that it is engaging in the related or concerted reproduction or distribution of multiple copies or phonorecords of the same material.
  • receive multiple requests from the same patron for articles/sections from the same issue or a larger collection of works.
  • receive multiple requests from all patrons that exceed five articles from the last five years of a single journal title within one calendar year.
  • receive a photocopy request that exceeds 10% or 1 chapter (whichever is less) of a book.
  • receive a copy request for a musical work, a pictorial, graphic, sculptural work, a motion picture, or other audiovisual work that is not dealing with the news, unless contained in a larger published work.

If any of these apply to you, please contact the library with Email a Librarian.

  1. Email a librarian. We can help you find what you need from another source.
  2. Use a document delivery service such as:
  3. Try to obtain the item from a bookstore
  4. Search for articles via the World Wide Web
  5. Visit a library which owns a needed item
  6. Contact the publisher or author of the item
  7. Ask for help on an Internet newsgroup or mailing list

Instructional Resource Center (IRC)

The Cornette Library's Instructional Resource Center, is an excellent resource for WTAMU education majors and tutors. It houses kindergarten through 12th grade textbooks adopted by the State of Texas for its public schools. The collection also includes books for creating lesson plans and activities for the classroom. Most of these materials can be checked out at the Research & Access Desk using your Buffalo Gold Card.

The IRC, located on the first floor of the Cornette Library, is open during all Library hours.

Education Databases

Web Sites of Interest
Lesson plans, worksheet generators, WebQuests, educational news updates, and links to additional education sites. Annual individual subscription cost is $19.99.
Teacher-reviewed material. Articles and curriculum calendar are free. Annual subscription cost for lesson plans K-12, all subjects, is $24-$60 (Spring 2017).
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
You may access all grade levels and disciplines of the TEKS from this page.
State Board for Educator Certification
Information about teacher certification in Texas.
Texas Education Agency
The website for the Texas Education Agency.

Other Services


Note: Current students may use the Library's free scanners to scan, e-mail, and print their documents using their allotment.


There is one copier on the first floor of the library near the bathrooms.

Cost per Copy

Copies are 9 cents per page, plus tax. All of the copiers use your Buffalo Gold Cards (WTAMU ID card). None of the copiers accept cash.

You may add credit to your Buffalo Gold Card or Guest Card at the Research & Access Desk.

Other options

Visitors may print and pay for their prints at the Research & Access Desk.


Access points for the University's wireless network in the Library are configured to maximize connectivity in the open seating areas. However, access is available throughout most of the Library. Wireless coverage can vary greatly within a couple of feet depending on conditions. Structural features such as columns, metal shelving units, and stairways may block or reduce signal strength in certain areas. If you are having trouble connecting, try moving.

The University assumes no responsibility for the safety and security of equipment or for wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from the connection to the University's network.

Do not, under any circumstances, leave your personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, bookbags, or any other item.

For help connecting, please see IT's Buff Roaming page.

You can print wirelessly using Buff Print.

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