Information Technology Residential Network

Residential Network

The residential network at WTAMU is maintained by WTAMU Network Services.

The residential network provides Internet access to the McCaslin Hall apartments and the following residence halls on campus: Buff, Centennial, Conner, Cross, Cousins, Founders, Guenther, Jarrett, Jones, Shirley, Stafford.

The residential network, like all of the information technology resources provided at WTAMU, is to be used primarily for educational purposes. In order for all of the residents to be able to effectively use it, disproportionate use of the network must be restricted. We don't look to see what each person is doing on the network unless there is a potential violation of university rules and laws. However, we can and will identify those users whose activities may be preventing other residents from effectively using the network. We encourage all users to download updates and patches necessary to keep their devices secure.

Getting Connected via Wired Connection

For wired connections, residents' computers will need a standard Ethernet card installed. In addition, they will need an Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors. WTAMU does not provide cards, cables, adapters, or hubs for residents. Some recently purchased computers do not have an Ethernet card and an Ethernet adapter (such as an Ethernet to USB adapter) may be necessary. Ethernet cables are readily available at most electronics stores. The length of cable needed can be anywhere from 3 to 25 feet, depending upon the residence hall and location of the computer.

Note:  Residents should make sure their Ethernet adapter is functioning properly (i.e. the correct driver is installed) before attempting to connect  computers to the network.

Getting Connected via Wireless Connection

For Wireless connections, please refer to the Buffalo Roaming page for information regarding the Wireless Network at WTAMU

Note:  Residents should make sure their wireless network adapter is functioning properly (i.e. the correct driver is installed) before attempting to connect  devices to the network.

Using the Network

All residents should be aware of the rules and policies governing the use of the residential network at WTAMU:

WTAMU Rules for Responsible Information Technology Usage

Information Related to Illegal File Sharing

Share your pizza, not your playlist. Respect copyright. West Texas A&M University is committed to protecting copyrighted material. Our University supports, encourages and will protect the freedom of expression and sharing in a way that complies with digital copyright laws.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Residential Network, please ask your Resident Assistant or Coordinator.  You may also contact the IT Service Center Help Desk at 806-651-4357 or