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Helping Your Child from a Distance

Here a few ways you can express you care and enhance your child’s experience at WTAMU.

  • Stay in touch. Despite experimenting with independence, your child still needs to know that you are there and available to help with everyday things as well as difficult issues.
  • Allow your child to set the agenda/subject for some of your conversations. If your child needs your help/support, the subject is more likely to come up if they aren’t being asked pointed questions.
  • Be realistic about financial matters. Students should come to school knowing who will pay for tuition, books, fees etc. They should also know what the family’s expectations are about spending money to help avoid any misunderstandings later. Along with educational fees, parents are encouraged to remember the “cost” of social activities which are an important part of the college experience.
  • Be realistic about academic achievement. This is to say that while your child may have excelled in high school, they may have to develop or refine the skills necessary to work independently and consistently along with demonstrating mastery in college. So a suggestion would be to keep this in mind when discussing grades.