Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention and Reporting


Any WTAMU employee involved in an accident while operating a university-owned vehicle must complete the attached Motor Vehicle Accident Report (MVAR) and fax (#806-651-2968)/e-mail ( to the Risk Management Office within 24 hours of the accident.

Also fax any police reports and additional supplemental information to the number above, as soon as possible.

The A&M System Auto & Motorized Vehicle Insurance

The Texas A&M University System auto and motorized vehicle coverage does not cover any loss for accidents involving personal use.  A state-owned fleet vehicle should not be used for personal reasons and would likewise not be covered.

Regarding students, student groups, or any users of WTAMU vehicles, the A&M System has no liability coverage unless they are WTAMU employees in course and scope of employment. 

All state vehicles need to have the following letter of financial responsibility from the Texas Attorney General's Office included in the vehicle at all times.

AG Financial Responsibility Letter

As a state entity, West Texas A&M University has an obligation and responsibility to ensure employees using automobiles for state business are appropriately licensed and safe drivers. Please refer to the following Vehicle Driver Guidelines for additional information. Vehicle Driver Guidelines

Approval to Drive University Vehicles

Addition to the Approved Drivers List

In order for employees to qualify to be approved drivers of WTAMU vehicles, Safe Driver Training must be taken at the Old Sub Building Safety Office (#806-651-2134 for reservations).  Next, a motor vehicle report must be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for drivers with an in-state license. The employees/student employees that do not have a valid Texas driver's license must obtain a copy of the past three years motor vehicle report from their state.  While the out-of-state motor vehicle record is being processed an employee may be temporarily approved to drive a University vehicle by completing the "Temporary Approval for Out-of-State License" form with the Risk Management Office (#806-651-2961).

Each approved driver must be recertified every year with the Office of the Vice President for Business & Finance.  Previously approved employees, with out-of-state license, must provide an updated copy of their driving record for the past three years every year.  

These procedures should be followed in case of an auto accident:

>Stop immediately and notify the proper law enforcement agency to respond and document the accident.

>Take defensive-driving measures to prevent another accident.

>Call 911 for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), if needed, and render aid to the injured, if able.

>Do not make any statements, oral or written, regarding fault.  Appropriate legal authorities will decide fault or liability.

>Provide all required information to the law enforcement officer.

>Record the names and addresses of any witnesses.

>It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to obtain a copy of the police report. A copy of the report should be submitted to the Risk Management Office, along with the MVAR (above).


The driver of a motor vehicle that is involved in an accident resulting in injury or death of any person, or damage to any property with a value of at least Five Hundred Dollars ($500) or more, must complete and forward, to the Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS Form ST-2 (Driver Confidential Accident Report) within ten (10) days of the accident.


Mobile Equipment

Departments that use or house utility vehicles, golfcarts, tractors, forklifts, riding mowers, or any other type of mobile-vehicle equipment, need to have a 16" x 14" triangle safety emblem attached to the rear (see picture below).

Golf cart driver training is also provided through the Old Sub Building Safety Office, and all drivers must be approved, paid employees of WTAMU to drive.