West Texas A&M Calendarhttp://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calrss.aspxThe latest events from West Texas A&M(c) 2007 West Texas A&M University All rights reserved.0http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=131555Family Weekend<p><img alt="Family Weekend " src="/webres/Image/calendar/squaresavethedate.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 600px;" /></p><p><span class="genericbodytext">Families are valuable partners in helping students make the most of their University experience. Family Weekend will be filled with fun, food, and activities. Spend time with your student, meet their friends, and get a glimpse of student life at WTAMU. Mark your calendar for a great weekend with your Buff family. A detailed schedule will be available later this year at <a href="http://www.wtamu.edu/student-support/family-weekend.aspx">www.wtamu.edu/familyweekend</a></span></p><img alt="Family Weekend " src="/webres/Image/calendar/squaresavethedate.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 600px;" />3/23/2018 10:34:59 AM4/23/2018 3:08:54 PMNov 02Nov 02 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=135691Christmas Open House<p>Christmas Open House<br /><br />November 30th<br /><br />6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.<br /><br />Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum</p>7/9/2018 10:57:48 AM9/17/2018 9:48:01 AMNov 30Nov 30 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=1356922018FA: Last Class Day8/15/2018 7:49:45 PM9/17/2018 9:48:31 AMDec 06Dec 06 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=1356932018FA: Dead Day8/15/2018 7:50:39 PM9/17/2018 9:48:49 AMDec 07Dec 07 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=1356942018FA: Finals8/15/2018 7:50:06 PM9/17/2018 9:49:00 AMDec 08Dec 08 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=135695December Graduation<div><span class="genericbodytext">10:00 Ceremony - Colleges TBD</span></div><div><span class="genericbodytext">2:00 Ceremony - Colleges TBD</span></div>8/15/2018 9:08:17 AM9/17/2018 9:49:32 AMDec 15Dec 15 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=1356962019JAN: First Class Day<p>&nbsp;</p>8/15/2018 7:52:51 PM9/17/2018 9:49:44 AMDec 17Dec 17 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=1356972018FA: Final Grades Due by 9 AM8/15/2018 7:52:29 PM9/17/2018 9:50:27 AMDec 17Dec 17 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=135689Org Rally<p><span class="genericbodytext">Org Rally is a mandatory event for all orgs. If more than one is missed they will cannot register for Organization of the Year at Honors. For more information call the OSEL office at <a href="tel:806-651-2313">806-651-2313</a> or stop by JBK 103.</span></p>6/19/2018 1:47:42 PM9/17/2018 9:46:14 AMFeb 07Feb 07 0:00:00http://www.wtamu.edu/aspx/calendar.aspx?event=135690Rogers LEAD WT - Leadership Summit<p>&nbsp;</p>7/25/2018 12:52:22 PM9/17/2018 9:46:36 AMFeb 08Feb 08 0:00:00