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We hope you find this Transfer Credit FAQs page a valuable resource during your transition to West Texas A&M University.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at or by phone at 1.800.99.WTAMU or 806.651.2020.

For additional information on the transfer process, please visit our Transfer Student Checklist.  Also, if you would like more information regarding student advising and helpful links, please visit the Transfer Student Resources page.

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An Introduction: Transfer Evaluation Report (Definition and Status Column Explanation)

BAAS Degree Information

Determining if Credit Counts for a Major

Determining if Elective Credit Fulfills Degree Requirements

Explanation of 1000, 2000, and 3000 Level Courses

Developmental Coursework Information

Information on Grades of "D"

Information on TECA, EDUC, and other Education Courses

Questions about Transfer Evaluation Report

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An Introduction: Transfer Evaluation Report

What is a Transfer Evaluation Report?

The transfer evaluation report indicates the WTAMU credit that has been awarded from your transferring institution(s).

A separate evaluation page will be created for each institution that a student has attended.

What does the Report Status Column mean?

Evaluation Equivalency Status Code Key
10 = Core Communication I

11 = Core Communication II

C = Cancelled course

20 = Core Mathematics I

21 = Core Mathematics IINC= No Credit

30 = Core Nat'l Sciences I

31 = Core Nat'l Sciences II

TR = Transfer

40 = Core Humanities I

41 = Core Humanities II

W = Withdrawn course

50 = Core Visual Perf Arts I51 = Core Visual Perf Arts II

A = Added course
60 = Core History I

70 = Core Political Science I

D = Dropped course

80 = Core Soci Behav'l Sci I

81 = Core Soci Behav'l Sci II

N = New course (registered)

90 = Core Inst Design Option II


X = Dropped prior to term beginning

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BAAS Degree Information


What is a BAAS degree?

WTAMU if proud to offer a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree option.  BAAS degree hours are technical or vocational credit hours, from a regionally accredited institution, that would not normally count toward academic degree hours, but that can be accepted under WT's BAAS block of credit hours and applied toward a BAAS degree. Up to 48 hours can be accepted in to the BAAS block. Unfortunately, experiential credit cannot be applied toward a BAAS block, but additional academic credit may be transferred to WTAMU along with the BAAS block.

What does it mean if I see BAAS*1000 as the WTAMU equivalent?

If BAAS*1000 is the WTAMU equivalent course, then the transferred course(s) has been determined to be a  vocational/technical course which can ONLY be transferred into the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS) degree program.

How many of those BAAS hours can be used toward a BAAS degree?

The maximum amount of BAAS hours that can be used for a BAAS degree is 48 hours.

Who should I ask for more information regarding the BAAS program?

If you have questions about the BAAS program, please contact an adviser in Advising Services at 806-651-5300.
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Determining if Credit Counts for a Major

Will my transfer credit count toward my WTAMU major?

To determine degree requirements, please use the WTAMU catalog and visit with an academic adviser (806-651-5300).
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Determining if Elective Credit Fulfills Degree Requirements

Will elective credit count toward my degree?

If you think one or more of the elective courses could fulfill a specific degree requirement, you need to get the course description from the transfer institution’s catalog and consult with the appropriate academic department to determine whether or not a course substitution can occur. (Math courses = Math department, English courses = English department, etc.)

Otherwise, consult an academic adviser regarding the application of elective credit to a degree plan. 
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Explanation of 1000, 2000, and 3000 Level Courses

What does it mean if the course number is listed as 1000, 2000, or 3000?

If the WT course number is 1000, 2000, or 3000, WTAMU does not have an equivalent course and the course is considered elective credit. In this instance, the student can view the "Determining if Elective Credit Fulfills Degree Requirements" section to see how the credit may apply to the degree plan.

A WT course shows as an elective course, but another course is listed below it with 0 hours. What does this mean?

If the WTAMU equivalent appears in the following format:

MATH*1000 Mathematics Elective 3.00

MATH*3360 Statistical Methods 0.00

The equivalent course at WTAMU is a junior-level course (3000 level) and we cannot transfer a lower-level course as an upper- level course. Therefore, the credit is granted toward a lower-level elective course. The academic dean may substitute the lower- level course for the upper-level course so that the student is not required to repeat a similar course at WTAMU. However, the student is still expected to meet degree and residency requirements regarding the number of upper-level credits that are required for a WT undergraduate degree.
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Developmental Coursework Information

Does developmental coursework transfer?

All developmental coursework will transfer in to WT at 0 hours.

All students, regardless of developmental coursework taken, must fulfill the testing requirements (if necessary) set forth by the Texas Success Initiative requirements before they will be allowed to register for classes at WTAMU.
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Information on grades of "D"

Will a grade of "D" transfer?

Lower-level courses with a grade of "D" will transfer to WTAMU as long as the student's cumulative transfer GPA (all courses from all schools combined) is a 2.0 or higher.

Will a grade of "D" count toward my degree?

Under current catalogs, a grade of "D" will not count toward any major-specific courses or upper-level courses.  The department of a student's major will ultimately determine whether a grade of "D" will or will not count toward a student's degree.
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Information on TECA, EDUC, and other Education Courses

Do education courses transfer?

The Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degrees approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (July 15, 2004) do not allow students to count both the TECA and EDUC courses on the same AAT degree. Students transferring from a community/junior college to West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) will be held to the same standard. Specifically this means that a student will be allowed to transfer TECA (1311, 1303, 1318 and 1354) or EDUC (1301 and 2301) and count them toward an appropriate degree program at WTAMU.

If a student has taken an education course that does not fit the above AAT criteria, the course will likely transfer to WTAMU as an Education elective course. The student can give a copy of the course description to the education department head to see if equivalent WT credit can be granted.
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Questions about Transfer Evaluation Report
For any information concerning transfer evaluations, please contact one of our transfer advisers.

WTAMU Box 60907
Canyon, TX 79016-0001
1-800-99-WTAMU or 806-651-2020

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