Pre-University Program (PUP)

For Students from Participating ISDs

West Texas A&M University (WTAMU)  and school districts from across the region have chosen to offer high school students dual credit opportunities through the Pre-University Program (PUP). The purpose of of PUP is to provide excellent campus and online-based higher education experiences for high school students who intend to pursue a university level degree. The best part is that upon approval of an academic adviser, the courses taken for dual credit only cost $150!

Currently participating school districts:

  • Amarillo ISD
  • Ascension Academy
  • Canyon ISD
  • Sanford-Fritch ISD
  • Shallowater ISD

If your district is interested in participating in PUP, simply complete the PUP Agreement and submit it to the Office of Admissions.


High school juniors or seniors are eligible to participate if they have met minimum PUP admission requirements at WTAMU. The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a requirement by the Texas State Legislature. Students must have met these requirements in the areas they plan to take classes. More information regarding TSI is available here, or you can call Advising Services at WTAMU (806-651-5300).

Minimum PUP Admission Requirements

  •  Be a high school junior or senior
  •  Provide TSI Assessment scores as required by Texas Success Initiative (TSI), unless exempt
  •  Must have 3.0 GPA or be in top half of class


Students enrolled in the Pre-University Program:

  • Are expected to follow University rules and regulations
  • Are classified as students not seeking degrees (undeclared majors)
  • Are limited to two (2) WTAMU CORE or Foreign Language* courses each fall, spring, or summer session
  • Will receive academic advising for course registration at Advising Services.
  • Must provide to the Office of Admissions, upon high school graduation, a final high school transcript showing rank in class and graduation date
  • Are not eligible for financial aid while enrolled in Pre-University Program

High School designees should verify that a student who participates in a college curriculum would not be disqualified from a desired University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition.

*Please Note: Texas Senate Bill 31 limits all Dual Credit classes to an institutions core and foreign language classes. Classes outside of WTAMU approved core and foreign language are not eligible for PUP and the $150/class rate. See SB 31

High school students applying for admission to the PUP Program must submit the following:

  • (PUP) Application
  • PUP Student Approval Form/ Semester Advising and Registration Form (Verify course availability through Buff Advisor.)
  • Official high school transcript indicating: junior or senior standing and Distinguished Level of Achievement under the Foundation, Recommended or Distinguished Achievement Program
  • Provide testing scores as required by Texas Success Initiative (TSI), unless exempt.
    • Exemptions are based on ACT, SAT, and/or TAKS/EOC scores. Details at 
      • Students dual enrolling prior to completing Grade 11 STAAR Exam or ACT/SAT may be waived on equivalent End of Course scores for Grade 10
  • Proof of Meningitis Vaccination
  • College transcripts showing prior dual credit (if applicable)

Please submit documents to the West Texas A&M University Office of Admissions:


Fax: 806-651-5285

Or in Person: Old Main, Room 124

Contact Information:

WTAMU Office of Admissions - 806-651-2020