College Night Guidelines

Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
College Program Guideline

  1. The Admissions/Recruitment Office is responsible to see that ALL representatives from their institution
    1. receive a copy of these guidelines,
    2. are able to answer knowledgeably the specific questions asked by students and parents,
    3. are appropriately trained and
    4. Maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct.
  2. Institutions are responsible for all the actions of the persons acting on their behalf. Alumni must be trained and MUST be identified as alumni on their name badge.

  3. The following materials are NOT to be distributed at TACRAO sponsored programs: bumper stickers, buttons, pennants, posters, rulers, candy, T-shirts, or other gimmicks. Appropriate items include brochures describing an institution and its program, catalogs and other items containing factual information. Pens and pencils with your institutions name are allowed. Demonstrations such as food preparation, drawing caricatures, hair cutting or other similar activities are not permitted.

  4. Representatives are expected to remain at the program until the time period expires or the host indicates the program is over.

  5. Displays must be confined to the tabletop provided. Audiovisual equipment is not allowed in browsing of commons areas. Only those schools with individual rooms can use this type of equipment. Call ahead of time if you want permission to use the host school&s equipment. Billboards or displays used in the browsing area are limited to 36 inches above the table. Do not, at any time block the view of another representative.

  6. Each institution must register for the college fair by designated deadlines and notify the host of any cancellations. Representatives must remain behind of beside the table during the shopping portions of the college programs. Aisles in front of the booth must be kept completely clear of promotional and display materials.

  7. Limit students, cadets or other non-professionals to two in addition to the institutions primary representative.

  8. Institutions may solicit an invitation to a particular program. The host of the program does have the right of refusal.