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WTAMU Research: Student Travel

WTAMU Graduate and Undergraduate Travel Award

WTAMU provides funding for graduate and undergraduate students to travel to professional conferences. Below are the guidelines and criteria to apply for a Travel Award. Please note that this is a competitive process, and there are limited funds available. Funding is not guaranteed.

1. The individual requesting travel must be registered as a student in good standing at West Texas A&M University at the time of travel.

2. Student must be a primary presenter on a poster, oral, or creative presentation or must be officially involved in association leadership.   

3. Up to $250 may be allocated to an individual per fiscal year (September through August), until yearly funding is exhausted.

4. Requests should be received three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled travel in order to be considered.

5. Travel Award request forms must include the following:

a. Abstract (maximum length:  one page, double spaced) summarizing research/presentation or committee membership activity.

b. Detailed budget using the format on the application.

c. Letter of support from a faculty adviser. (must be able to copy and paste)
6. Student must follow university travel requirements and submit appropriate paperwork before and after the trip, as guided by the faculty adviser and the office of the Graduate School and Research.

7. Appropriate receipts must be provided to the Graduate School and Research within five (5) days after the return date of travel.  Students must comply with all WTAMU travel policies.  In general, travel award funds are provided as reimbursement.  In cases of extreme difficulty, students may appeal for an advance of some funds.

8. If awarded travel funding is research/presentation related, students must agree to present their research at either the WTAMU Annual Student Research Conference or the TAMU System Pathways Symposium. In some cases, an alternative forum may be appropriate, to be determined by the faculty advisor and the office of Graduate School and Research.  

9.  Questions regarding travel funding should be directed to Dr. Rex Pjesky, Associate Dean of Graduate School & Research, rpjesky@wtamu.edu, (806) 651-2737.


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