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WTAMU Research: Occupational Health Program

Occupational Health Program

The West Texas A & M University (WTAMU) Occupational Health Program (OHP) is an umbrella program that covers a broad range of areas that are within diverse disciplines. The purpose and goal of the WTAMU OHP is to identify, evaluate, manage, and reduce potential health risks associated with the WTAMU environment. It integrates exposure assessment, risk mitigation, and medical surveillance services to improve the occupational health and safety of the WTAMU employees and to comply with federal and state regulations.

The OHP mission is to ensure that all people potentially exposed to hazards in the course of their activities are offered the best possible information regarding those hazards and access to competent occupational health medical services and providers.

The occupational health services at West Texas A&M University are available for the following services:

• Occupational health for biological hazards, which includes:
o Microorganisms which may cause disease in humans, including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, chlamydial, rickettsial, viral, and prion diseases agents;
o Microorganisms in human or non-human primate body fluids, tissues, or wastes (e.g. bloodborne pathogens), including human or non-human cell culture (primary or continuous);
o Microorganisms in animals (e.g. zoonotic diseases);
o Items contained with animal or human body fluids, tissues, or wastes;
o Plant and animal toxins; and
o Plant and animal allergens.

• Occupational health needs such a radiation safety, chemical safety, respiratory protection, and hearing protection are also provided

• Health care services are provided by an Occupational health care provider. An employee may use Concentra or Health Partners Clinic. A student may use Student Medical Services.

Not sure who to contact regarding your occupational health? Please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Program at 806.651.2740 or ar-ehs@wtamu.edu.