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It's why we go to work every day.

  • Saving lives
  • Solving problems
  • Building careers
  • Getting ahead of tomorrow's challenges today

These simple statements give a glimpse of the uncluttered commitment and determination we hold at the Texas Transportation Institute.  Our job is to save lives and solve problems by letting talented transportation engineers and researchers do what they do best every day.  We encourage students to thrive in transportation careers to ensure that tomorrow's roads are the safest, smoothest roads ever built.

But it's not just roads:  TTI researchers study virtually every aspect of transportation.  TTI's program of practical, applied research helps hundreds of sponsors address a range of transportation challenges.  For example, through decades of research in just the highway area - planning, design, construction, maintenance, safety and operations - virtually every mile of roadway in Texas has been positively impacted by some aspect of the TTI program.  Through research, development and technology transfer, TTI is helping to meet the transportation needs of tomorrow.

Our mission is to solve transportation problems through research, to transfer technology, and to develop diverse human resources to meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.

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Dr. Byungik Chang , Former Director of the Alternative Energy Institute

Dr. Jim Rogers, Associate Dean of Academic Environmental Health and Safety

Dr. Duane J. Rosa, Professor of Economics, Regional Director of Texas Transport Institute

Most Recent Project

Dr. Byungik Chang - "Evaluation of Superheavy Load Criteria for Bridges"

Contact Information

Dr. Duane Rosa

Dr. Duane J. Rosa

West Texas A&M University

CC 222G

Canyon, TX 79016

(806) 651-2520

(806) 651-2514 (fax)

(806) 670-6630 (cell)

Email: drosa@wtamu.edu