Teaching Excellence Center

Welcome to the West Texas A&M University Teaching Excellence Center (TEC). The TEC was established in 2009 as a resource to support teaching and learning across the University campus through workshops, seminars, discussion and review of quality materials. The Center will also provide consulting services and peer observation opportunities for enhancing teaching. Currently, the TEC will provide materials virtually through this website. We hope that the Teaching Excellence Center will provide support and encourage your efforts to support the student centered mission of West Texas A&M University.


The mission of the TEC is to promote effective teaching and engaged learning through support of faculty as they strive to provide valuable learning experiences for our students. Our goals include supporting faculty needs through workshops, materials, seminars, small group discussions, and consultations as needed by departments, programs or on an individual basis.

Fall 2020 Faculty Development


Top Hat University

West Texas A&M University supports Top Hat University's suite of tools for the classroom (both traditional face-to-face and online.)  Click here to learn more.

Teaching Self-Assessment Tool
West Texas A&M University recently introduced a new course evaluation tool to replace the CIEQ form that formerly made up the bulk of one's documentation with respect to teaching performance.  While the course evaluation tool is extremely important, the university urges faculty to provide additional forms of assessment and documentation.  Peer evaluations are one such measure but there are others.  Interested in additional means of documenting classroom performance and/or teaching effectiveness?  You may download the traditional teaching self-assessment form by clicking on this link.
Important Updates

Changes have been made to required information for all course syllabi. A new template containing this information can be found here.