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Contact the Student Success Coordinators
Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
Rebekah Bachman (Temporarily)

(806) 651-3570

Ag Science Complex 262 M/R/F or Natural Science Building 106 T/W

No Photo Available
Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business
Diana Baeza

(806) 651-2524

Classroom Center 222-B

Photo of Diana Baeza
College of Education and Social Sciences
Chenoa Burleson

(806) 651-2673

Old Main 418-D

Photo of Chenoa Burleson
College of Engineering
Julie Mann

(806) 651-5263

Engineering and Computer Science Building 226

Photo of Julie Mann
Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities
Dane Glenn

(806) 651-2796

Fine Arts Complex 173

Photo of Dane Glenn
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Angel Ross

(806) 651-2761

Classroom Center 213-A

Photo of Angel Ross
Project Coordinator and Exploring Majors
Eric Sosa, MA.Psy

(806) 651-2724

Killgore Research Center 158

Photo of Eric Sosa