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SSTEM - Scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

West Texas A&M has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve educational opportunities for students pursuing majors in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics through the NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) Program.

The goal of the SSTEM program is to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of students obtaining degrees in STEM fields, and to improve the performance of student majoring in the STEM fields by encouraging and enabling academically talented but financially needy students.


Two S-STEM programs at WTAMU:

C3 (Connecting Community College Transfers for STEM Success):

The goal of the C3 program is to provide academic, social, and financial support to Community College transfer students majoring in  all science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.    

The objectives of the C3 program are

  • Retain community college STEM majors in the STEM fields by recruiting them to transfer to WTAMU after completing their associate's degrees.
  • Increase the academic achievement of STEM Community College transfers by providing academic, financial, and social support.

The C3 program is built upon integration of STEM transfers into the WTAMU STEM community.  This program helps scholars to address many of the social and academic barriers community college students face when transferring to a four-year institution.  A 1-hour transfer course for first year C3 scholars is offered to specifically address these barriers and assist in the integration of scholars into the WTAMU STEM community.  Student-student and faculty-student mentoring is also provided for each C3 scholar to insure a successful first year at WTAMU.  For more information about the C3 program and for steps to apply, click here


  • TEAMS2 (Teaming Engineering and Mathematics Students):
TEAMS2 has the following objectives:
  • Recruit new students into engineering and mathematics from local high schools through collaborative projects undertaken by current and prospective TEAMS2 students.
  • Coordinate and integrate resources to increase academic success of TEAMS2 scholars.
TEAMS2 scholars will be enrolled in appropriate-level mathematics courses to create cohort learning communities of engineering and mathematics majors.  Scholars will be provided with faculty-student, student-student, and industry-student mentoring while pursuing their degree.  The TEAMS2 model will provide financial aid, a community environment, and project-based classes designed to improve student success.   
For more information about TEAMS2 and for steps to apply, click here.


Supporting Low-Income Students for Success in STEM Careers (SLISS)

S-STEM Fall 2019 / Fall 2020

WT has received a new S-STEM grant designed to support majors in the Departments of Chemistry/Physics and Life, Earth, Environmental Sciences. A major goal of this NSF funded program is to improve the education of future scientists, engineers, and technicians, with a focus on low income, academically talented students (LIATS). Targeted STEM fields for this project are Biology, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This program does not support pre-medicine or other pre-clinical degrees (e.g. pre-pharmacy, pre-dental, allied health).

Highlighted goals of the funded project are to:

  • Increase student retention between the first and second semester as well as the first and second year of LIATS in one of the targeted STEM fields.
  • Increase student success in chemistry, biology and physics freshman courses.
  • Increase four year graduation rates of LIATS in targeted STEM fields

Selected students will receive a $5,000 scholarship per academic year for four years. Eligibility criteria for this program are below:

  • First-time, full-time freshman entering WT in Fall 2019 or Fall 2020
  • 1100 SAT or 26 ACT
  • Intention to pursue a career in basic or applied science
  • Enroll and continue as a full-time student in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Biology, Chemistry, or Physics (pre-medicine, pre-dental and allied health majors are not eligible for this program)
  • Be a citizen of the United States, national of the United States, alien admitted as a refugee, or alien lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence
  • Classified as a low-income student by Office of Financial Aid and have unmet need
  • Maintain a 3.3 GPA on a semester basis in order to remain eligible for the scholarship

Students will also need to have a high school teacher, counselor or advisor submit a recommendation letter for them. The recommender must have met with you to specifically discuss your interest in one of the scholarship program STEM fields and needs to be able to attest to your potential for success in your selected STEM field. Students will also need to submit an essay that addresses several areas including why they are interested in their indicated STEM field and what they intend to do with the degree upon graduating.

Students selected for this NSF-funded program will benefit from and participate in the required activities:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Faculty mentoring and advising
  • Student success coaching
  • Career skills workshop
  • Leadership skills workshop

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please visit our application website which can be found at https://apps.wtamu.edu/nsfsstem/.

For additional information regarding the program please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Nick Flynn, Project PI, at nflynn@wtamu.edu or 806-651-2542.

Application Deadline for Fall 2019 entry: April 1st, 2019

Application Deadline for Fall 2020 entry: April 1st, 2020