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Song Collaborators Consortia

Song Collaborators Consortia

Who We Are

We are singers, pianists, composers, theorists, musicologists and any other musician that love art song. We recognize art song as a unique and self-sustaining art form that gives us insight into the human experience. The SCC was founded in Fall of 2011 by Dr. Christopher Meerdink, dedicated to the performance of art song and the commissioning of new works.

Art Song Festival

The Song Collaborators Consortia Art Song Festival is a National conference surrounding the topic of art song. We gather together regularly to sing for each other and present sessions relating to some aspect of art song composition, analysis, and/or performance. Our sessions and performances have taken place on the campus of West Texas A&M University and at the Fibonacci Building in Downtown Amarillo, home of Chamber Music Amarillo. After a successful festival in Syracuse, NY, we are hitting the road to beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at Louisiana State University.

Commissioning new works

New works have made up nearly one half of the sessions presented at the Art Song Festival. Coming soon: SCC website and searchable database of singers, pianists, and composers interested in pooling resources to commission new works.

2019 Art Song Festival

The 2019 Art Song Festival will be held from March 3-5 on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Registration and song proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2019. Every attempt is made to accommodate all registration requests. Schedule

Featured performance topics:

Music of composers local to Louisiana, or the Southeastern United States

Any song selections, including:

Satire in Song: Humorous, poignant, honest: songs from any era that pack a punch

Off the Beaten Path: New works or works that you think are new to others!

Song Slam: Any time-tested art songs that you love. This is the session for you!

Pianist's Choice: If a pianist would like to perform something but does not have a singer in tow, I will find one for you! Pianist's Choice can happen on any session and will be indicated as the pianist's choice.

Cabaret - Anything you do not dare perform at home! DON'T BE SHY! SUBMIT SONGS FOR THIS PERFORMANCE!

Do you have a presentation in mind? Submit for a presentation here.

When registering for the festival, please indicate what session you would like your songs to be on. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at cmeerdink@wtamu.edu. I cannot wait to see you all!

Travel and Registration

Hotel information: Arrangements have been made for The Cook Hotel, in Baton Rouge, LA. Go to www.thecookhotel.com, and use code 'MUSIC2019' to reserve a room. This is valid through 2/1/2019

A registration fee of $100 applies to each individual participating.

Please make checks or money orders out to: Song Collaborators Consortia

Send Checks or money orders to: c/o Chris Meerdink, Campus P.O. Box 60879, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX 79016