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Social Work Advisory Council

Social Work Advisory Council

In order to create an inter-organizational linkage with its various constituencies, the Social Work Program at West Texas A&M University utilizes the experience and expertise of the members of Social Work Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is composed of the administrators or directors of social agencies in the Texas Panhandle area. Students in the social work program are also represented in the Council.

 The agencies represented in the Council also provide professional staff to supervise WTAMU social work students doing their field practicum.
The Council elects its chairperson and secretary. The number of members in the Council varies. The Council meets once regular semester.
The primary function of the Council is to provide advice and guidance to the Social Work Program in matters relating to the profession of social work. If need be, the Council through its ad-hoc committees may make recommendations in matters such as drawing up eligibility criteria for admission into Social Work Program, eligibility criteria for admission into field practicum, recruiting minority students, and so on. The Advisory Council can also help in the recruitment of new faculty members.
The Council also provides an opportunity for the social work community, including social work faculty members and students, to network. The Council members also advocate for the social work program in the wider community. Such inter-organizational interactions help the Social Work Program maintain a close relationship with the professional community and the community at large in the Texas Panhandle.
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