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PBJ: Politics, Bureaucracy and Justice Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

PB&J: Volume 2, Issue 2

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PB&J Volume 2, Issue 2


Searching in Vain: The Failed Attempt to Find Ronald Reagan in 2008

Author: Greg Johnston Jr, West Texas A&M University

Abstract: This article provides an analysis of the Republican Party nomination for the presidential election of 2008 and discusses the result of the general election. It examines the campaigns of Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and John McCain as they battled their way through the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida primaries. Candidates’ views on the issues, their financial support, and individual campaign strategies are considered and compared. The article concludes that the winner of the Republican nomination, McCain, struggled to invigorate the Republican Party and garner enough support to win in the general election. His performance in the campaign is measured and critiqued.

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Welfare Reform: A Continued Failure?

Author: Michael D. Nino, West Texas A&M University

Abstract: The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) was signed in 1996, “ending welfare as we knew it” (Weaver, 2000, p. 2). This landmark piece of legislation was designed to decrease the roles of welfare and enable those in need of assistance to become self-sufficient in less time (Blank & Haskin, 2001). During the initial years of the PRWORA, the role of welfare dropped dramatically throughout the country, and policymakers on both sides of the political isle were quick to label the reform policy a success. However, a closer look at specific subgroups affected by the PRWORA shows a more accurate picture of the successes and failures. This article explores and evaluates specific sections of the PRWORA, challenges mainstream understanding of the ‘successes’ post-welfare, and proposes a program framework, based on critical analysis that will create more effective policy.

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Police Use of Force

Author: Mark Curtis Wittie, West Texas A&M University

Abstract: This essay examines how and why police use force when encountering violent suspects. The essay describes several factors that contribute to the success or failure of officers involved in these encounters. These factors include: justification and the reasonableness of force, officer training in the use of force, department and officer liability in the use of force, why some officers are reluctant to use deadly force, and how reluctance to use deadly force may be changed. These factors can have a severe impact on officer safety and public perception of law enforcement officers and their departments. This essay attempts to describe why these factors have such an impact and how departments and officers can minimize the liability placed on them and risk to the officer's safety during a violent encounter.

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Texas Community Colleges' Developmental Education Missions

Author: Robin L. Capt, West Texas A&M University

Abstract: This article explores the developmental education missions of public Texas community colleges in response to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s mandated requirement to provide compensatory education. This descriptive qualitative study identified and coded Texas community colleges’ publicly stated developmental goals. The review of the literature illuminates the importance, organization, and challenges of post-secondary developmental education.

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