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INCRSE Faculty:


     Ray Matlack

         Office:  Agricultural and Natural Sciences Building, Room 333

         Email:  rmatlack@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-2583



     Shiquan Tao

         Office:  Agriculture and Natural Sciences Building, Room 114-I

         Email:  stao@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-2539



     Freddie Davis

         Office:  Engineering Building, Room 120

         Email:  fdavis@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-5257

     Emily Hunt

         Office:  Engineering Building, Room 106

         Email:  ehunt@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-5330

Roy Issa

         Office:  Engineering Building, Room 120-D

         Email:  rissa@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-5261


      Matt Jackson

         Office:  Engineering Building, Room 120-E

         Email:  mjackson@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-2451



     Stacey Chase

           Office:  Classroom Center, Room 417-H

         Email: schase@wtamu.edu

            Phone:  806-651-5260

Randy Combs

         Office:  Classroom Center, Room 417-E

         Email:  rcombs@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-2532

      Pamela Lockwood

         Office:  Classroom Center, Room 417-B

         Email:  plockwood@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-2536 



     David Craig

         Office:  Agricultural and Natural Sciences Building, Room 114-B

         Email:  dcraig@wtamu.edu

         Phone:  806-651-5262