Honors Contract - lists standard requirements to graduate with designation as an Attebury Honors Scholar

Space Access Agreement - required before swipe card access to Honors Suite is granted

Independent Scholarship Application - this is only available to current, active Honors Students

Application for Honors Course Substitution


Abstract Writing Tips

Capstone Planning Helps

Graduation Notification (Due with Capstone Contract)

Capstone Contract (Due before enrollment in capstone course)

Copyright Information (provided by Dr. Leigh Browning, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication)

 Posters (Examples by previous students) - The links provide examples of student poster presentations prepared for various conferences.  The purpose of the samples is to provide you with ideas for text distribution, color, background, etc.  Not all examples are 'award winning' examples.  Please follow the instructions provided for poster presentations at the conference you will be attending.

  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3

 Poster building instructions using Power Point for printing by Media Services


Honors Faculty Information Book

Seminar Proposal Guidelines

 Hints for Instruction of Honors Courses