Dear Fellow Alumnus/Alumna,

Welcome to the Attebury Honors Program Alumni page.  Whether you found us as a result of a letter of invitation or were merely looking at the website pages to see what's new, we hope you intend to stay in contact.  As an honors alumni, you are an important part of our history and the reason the Attebury Honors Program continues to succeed at providing an honors education for exceptional WTAMU students today.  Whereever you are in life, we believe that the honors program also played a role in defining your character and life's journey.

We are committed to building lifelong relationships with Honors alumni and hope that you will place a level of priority on maintaining your connection to WTAMU and that Attebury Honors Program.  We need you to help tell the Honors' story.  Please update your information with us by clicking here and sharing your information. This will allow us to share news, opportunities, and upcoming events with you throughout the year.  If you aren't already a member, please join the Attebury Honors Alumni group on Facebook.

William H. and Joyce Attebury provided generous funding that enabled the program's growth and the opening of an honors suite as well as the ability to provide enriching experiences for honors students over the last decade. In the spring of 2011, we held our first fund-raiser called A Night of Conversation which turned out to be a huge success.  As a direct result of the contributions received, , an endowment to provide long-term program support was begun in the amount of $125,000. Our goal is to raise $500K in the coming years.  Financial support is vital to ensuring the perpetuity of the honors program.  Your contributions of any amount can be made online and directed to the Attebury Honors Program through the link to the right. 

We also welcome your ideas for fund raising opportunities.  We appreciate your support and committment to the Attebury Honors Program! You may want to investigate the benefits of joining the Alumni Association.  If you are interested in doing so, information can be found at the Alumni Association website.


Jessica Mallard, Ph.D.                                                                       Kathey Walker
Professor, Communication Studies                                               Administrative Director, Attebury Honors Program
Academic Director, Attebury Honors Program