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Department of History Success Stories

Current Students:

  • Both Stephanie Bowden and Grant James were part of a Killgore Student Summer Research Grant proposal that Bogener wrote to conduct research primarily in New Mexico.  Both students were investigating incidents of violence in the wake of the Lincoln County War which supposedly ended in 1881.  Both students visited the State Archive and Records Center in Santa Fe, the special collections and library at UNM in Albuquerque, the Hubbard Museum and Archive in Ruidoso, and the Chavez County Museum/Archive in Roswell. 
  • Hillarie Easely McPherson, Carley DuMenil and Jan Weston presented papers at the West Texas Historical Association conference in April.
  • Stephanie Bowden presented a paper at the WTAMU Student Research Conference last spring.  She is now expanding the paper with the intent to publish an article as a grad student.

Former Students

  • Larissa Gardner won a laptop - the prize was donated by WT alumna Shirley Nichols.
  • Anessa Stagner is teaching as an instructor and will be receiving her PhD at the University of California, Irvine. She was recently interviewed by CSPAN for her work on Shell-Shock during World War I.
  • Tracy Stewart and Rachel Collins are in or starting a PhD program
  • Brooke Bennett is going to law school
  • Ashley Franklin got her law degree at Baylor a few years ago, clerked at the Texas Supreme Court, and is now practicing law in Austin
  • Steve Eldridge is about to get his PhD from Tech and is teaching at WT
  • Angela Roberts is teaching at WT
  • Kyle Winter graduated in May 2010 with a JD from Texas Tech Law School.
  • Christy Czerwien: Received her MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Tracy Stewart was accepted into the PhD program at Texas Tech.
  • Ashley Franklin was an intern at the Texas Supreme Court.
  • Joanna Junker is doing the same at Stanford.

Recent Accomplishments:

Timothy Bowman

Winner of the 2016 West Texas A&M University Intellectual Contributions Award. Winner of the 2015 and 2016 Department of History Intellectual Contributions Award. In 2014 Dr. Bowman was the awarded the Department of History for Outstanding Contribution of Instructional Responsibilities. 

Assistant DiBlood Oranges book coverrector of CSAW, Center for the Studies of the American West. 

Dr. Bowman published Blood Oranges: Agriculture and Colonialism in the South Texas Borderlands with Texas A&M University Press (2016).


In 2015, he published  an article in Western Historical Quarterly, 46 (3), 335-353, entitled Negotiating Conquest: Internal Colonialism and Shared Histories in the South Texas Borderlands. In 2015, he wrote the introduction to the revised publication of El informe de la comisiòn pesquisidora de la frontera del norte. 

In 2016, he contributed the chapter entitled, Violence, Crime, and the Limitations of State Power in the U.S. - Mexico Borderlands, 1848-1875 for Andrew Torget and Gerardo Gurza. Dr. Bowman also wrote the Colonizing the Borderlands: Citriculture in Texas's Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1910-1930, in Sterling Evans (ED.) Farming Across Borders: Selections on Transnational Agricultural History in the North American West. 

Dr. Bowman presented The Starr County Strike and the Birth of a Cynical Labor Leader: the Case of Antonio Orendain, at Texas State Historical Association in Las Colinas, Texas.

Dr. Brasington, Magister Optimus 2016

Bruce Brasington

Winner of the 2016 of the Magister Optimus Award at  West Texas A&M University, and award for teaching excellence given every year by the University. He was selected for this award by his peers. 

Order in the Court by Dr. Brasington


Dr. Brasington published Order in the Court: Selected Twelfth-Century Treaties on Legal Procedure.  in 2016 with Brill, in which he translates and comments upon the earliest medieval treatises on ecclesiastical legal procedure. 

Dr. Brasington is a distinguished international guest lecturer, especially in the UK and in Germany. He has also guest lectured in the region on Medieval History and Latin. 


Elizabeth Clark

Winner of the 2015 Department of History Teaching Award. 

Dr. Clark contributed the article, Gdansk, Story of a City; When Diplomatic History and Personal Narrative Intersect  in the Polish Review, a top tier journal in 2016.

She wrote the chapter, Teaching Harry Potter: How the Wizarding World has Transformed Higher Education in From Here to Hogwarts: Essays on Harry Potter Fandom and Fiction, Chris Bell,  2015 McFarland Press. 

Dr. Clark had presented papers internationally, including, Poland's Cities: Scholarship and Polish Identity through Urban History and A Tribute to Anna M. Cienciala: When Diplomatic History and Personal Narrative Intersect.  at the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, Toronto, Canada in 2016.  


Paul Clark

Winner of the 2016 Department of History Teaching Award. 

Dr. Clark received a grant to travel to Cuba in order to explore Study Abroad opportunities in the fall of 2015. He traveled as a Fulbright Scholar to Toykyo, Japan during the spring and summer of 2016. 

He contributed the article "Non Traditional Education on Taisho Japan: Kindergarten, a Girl School and Parochial Education" in 2015 in The Journal of the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies. He also wrote Thoughts on Cuba from the Perspective of a Non-Specialist for the Institute for International Education Briefing Paper in 2015.

Dr. Clark wrote The Tabloid Press and the Creation of National Culture in 19th Century Japan for the Southwest Popular Culture Association in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2015.


Brian Ingrassia

Originally published in 2012, Dr. Ingrassia's The Rise of the Gridiron University: Higher Education's Uneasy Alliance with Big-Time Football published by University Press of Kansas, the paperback edition was released in 2016.The Rise of the Gridiron University

Dr Ingrassia submitted four articles to Jeffery A. Johnson's book, Reforming America: A Thematic Encyclopedia and Document Collection of the Progressive Era, published in 2015 by In Press. These chapters include:  "Ely, Richard T.", "Grange, Harold 'Red'", "Rauschenbusch, Walter", and "Sullivan School, The". In 2015 he also submitted "Reforming the Big Game: The Bay Area Rugby Experiment of 1906-1919." to Sport Histories of the San Francisco Bay Area

He presented' "Better than Indianapolis: Atlanta's New South Auto Racing Aspirations, 1909-1913" to the North American Society for Sport History, (NASSH) in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. In 2016, Dr. Ingrassia presented Shattered Nerves and Broken Bodies: Violence in Intercollegiate Football and Auto Racing during America's Progressive Era to the Sports and Violence Conference in Ashland, Ohio.


Marty Kuhlman

Dr. Kuhlman presented locally in 2016 on Martin Luther King's, I Have a Dream presentation. 

In 2015, Dr Kuhlman wrote Direct Action in Texas: Stand-In Campaign to the Journal of South Texas History

Byron Pearson

Winner of the Outstanding Contributions to Professional Development Department of History Service Award in 2014. 

Dr. Pearson wrote "An Organization of Splendid Efficiency, the Incredible Accomplishments of the 10th and 20th Engineers during World War One" for Forest History in 2015.

Jean A. Stuntz

Winner of the 2016 Department of History Outstanding Contributions in Professional Service Award. 

Dr. Stuntz wrote the article, Letters From the Dust Bowl: Caroline Henderson's Life in the Oklahoma Panhandle for the West Texas Historical Association Yearbook in 2015. She contributed Early Settlement of the Panhandle by Women to the Panhandle Plains Historical Review in 2015. 

Texas Women: Their Lives and Times, is the winner of the Liz Carpenter Award for Best Book on Texas Women published in 2015. Dr Stuntz wrote the chapter entitled, “’I Wish to Make Use of All Laws in My Favor.’” It is about women in Spanish-era Texas. Dr. Stuntz wrote "Mary Jane Alexander: first Woman Rancher in the Panhandle in the book Texas Ranching Women

She presented the paper H-Net Commons: Multi-Disciplinary Networks of Scholars and Educators from All over the World, and H-Net Commons: A General Overview and Call for New Participants to the American Historical Association in New York, New York in 2016. She also presented From San Antonio to the Panhandle: Texas Pioneer Women to Texas Talks sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association in Canyon, Texas. 

Dr. Stuntz presented Women in the Civil War to the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Amarillo, Texas in 2015. She presented The Grapes of Wrath: The Movie. Dust, Drought and Dreams Gone Dry in Canyon, Texas. To the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities, she presented Pioneer Women of the Panhandle, also in 2015. 

Dr Stuntz presented How to find Women and Letters from the Dust Bowl: Carolina Henderson's Life in the Oklahoma Panhandle.  West Texas Historical Association. In 2016, presented Hijinks on the High Plains in Abilene, Texas and Women in the Spanish Borderlands to Humanities Texas Institute for Texas Teachers, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Bryan E. Vizzini

In 2015, Dr. Vizzini was awarded the Magister Optimus award in recognition of his teaching excellence. 

Winner of the 2014 Award for Outstanding Contributions in Intellectual Contributions

He was named the Director of the Teaching Excellence Center in 2015. 

In 2015, Dr Vizzini wrote the chapter entitled "When (Comic) Art Imitates Life: American Exceptionalism and the Comic Book Industry in the Vietnam Era" for the book The Vietnam War in Popular Culture.