Graduation FAQs

Do I have to apply for graduation?

Yes. All students who wish to graduate must apply for graduation by the application deadline. This is a requirement for each student wishing to graduate. If you do not apply for graduation, you will not graduate.


How do I apply for graduation?

Please refer to our Graduation page to apply for graduation.


I missed the graduation application deadline – what can I do?

You will need to contact the appropriate department.


Is there a fee to apply for graduation?


Where can I purchase my regalia?

Contact the University Bookstore for information on regalia.


Once I apply for graduation, how long will it take to receive more information?

An official graduation letter will be sent to your University email account during the semester you intend to graduate. This will contain information about your remaining requirements, as well as commencement ceremony information.


When and where is the ceremony?

The ceremony is held at the First United Bank Center in Canyon, TX. Please refer to our Graduation page for more information on the specific date and time of the upcoming ceremony.


How early should I arrive for the commencement ceremony?

We recommend that students arrive 45 minutes to one hour before the ceremony to allow time for check in.


How long is the ceremony?

Each ceremony will last up to 2 hours. At the end of each ceremony, graduates will walk in the recessional out of the arena doors. Guests may meet their graduates outside.


What should I do with my personal belongings?

There is not a secure place to store personal belongings, and the university is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Are tickets required for the commencement ceremony?



Is there a live-stream of the ceremony?

Yes. Please check the Graduation Information page on the day of the ceremony to watch the live stream version. Streaming begins 5-10 minutes before the ceremony.


Do I have to pay for parking?

No. Additional parking will be available at the Virgil Henson Activity Center.


Is there an official photographer for the ceremony?

Every student will be photographed twice at the commencement ceremony. Free proofs will be mailed and emailed within a week of the ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Flash Photography.


When will my degree be notated on my transcript?

Once all final grades and requirements are received, a final degree evaluation will be performed before degrees can be posted. This process can take several weeks.


When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed about 6-8 weeks after the commencement ceremony for the term you graduate (complete all degree requirements), as long as you do not have any holds with the university. Students with a hold should contact the appropriate contact for more information.


Where will you mail my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to the address you provide on your graduation application. You can verify this address on the official graduation letter you receive that semester. If you need to update your diploma mailing address, please send an email to the appropriate contact with the correct mailing address. Updating your address with the Registrar’s office will not automatically update your diploma mailing address.


If I walked in the ceremony, does that mean I’ve graduated?

No. A final degree evaluation will be completed before a degree is officially awarded to ensure all requirements have been met.


I applied for graduation but will not graduate. Can I still walk? Do I have to reapply?

You can still walk if you are within three (3) hours of graduation, but must reapply for the term you actually plan to graduate. Students will only be reviewed for graduation if they have an active graduation application for the correct term.


I plan to graduate in August, but there is no commencement ceremony. What are my options?

Students who will meet graduation requirements in August can choose to participate either in the preceding May ceremony or the following December ceremony. If you want to participate in the May ceremony and have your name in the program, you must apply for August graduation by March 15 th.


Can I decorate my mortar board?

Yes. Students may decorate their mortar board as long as all decorations and words are appropriate for a family audience.


Can I wear my student organization stole?

Yes. Stoles given or provided by student organizations may be worn.