Washington D.C. Internship Program

Washington D.C. Internship Programs

Spend a Semester in Congressman Mac Thornberry's Office

The Mac Thornberry Washington D.C. Internship Program is an opportunity for current WTAMU students to experience everyday life at the Capital and with Congress while gaining practical hands-on experience working with high-level officials on a variety of tasks and projects. Students selected for the internship experience will spend a fall, spring, or summer semester working in Washington D.C.

Qualifications for Consideration

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to consider taking advantage of this opportunity. A strong application should exhibit:

  • Sound academic credentials
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • A history of community involvement
  • Strong character
  • Leadership skills

Applicants Must Be:

  • At least 18 years of age on or before the first day of the internship
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university (or have graduated the previous semester)
  • A United States citizen

Funding Your Internship

WTAMU students selected for the Mac Thornberry Washington D.C. Internship are eligible for financial assistance through the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, as well as their existing financial aid.

Important Dates 

Application deadline dates vary each calendar year. Approximate application deadlines for each semester are:

  • Fall Internship - April 1
  • Spring Internship - October 15
  • Summer Internships - apply directly to Congressman Thornberry's office

Completed applications and supporting documents (resume and letter of application explaining why you are a good candidate for the internship) should be delivered to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in Old Main, Room 307. Once applications are submitted, the top applicants will be scheduled for an interview. This process may take several weeks. Contact Beth Lauterbach at 806-651-2044 or for more information. 

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)

Interns are responsible for finding their own housing while on Capitol Hill.  Information concerning housing opportunities through WISH can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after I submit an application?
    • Applications are reviewed by the Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs. The top applicants will be contacted for an interview with Dr. Wade Shaffer as well as Congressman Mac Thornberry and/or his representative.
  • How long before I receive notification?
    • We understand you'll need to make many plans to transition from Canyon to Washington, DC. Applicants will receive notification as quickly as possible after the application deadlines, so please be patient.
  • How much will I spend in out-of-pocket expenses?
    • Expenses will vary according to your personal needs. However, the majority of your living and transportation expenses are generally covered through financial assistance from the Office of Academic Affairs. Your expenses for course enrollment will need to be covered in the same manner as if you were not interning.
  • Will I lose my existing scholarships?
    • Because scholarship requirements vary greatly, we recommend you carefully review the criteria for maintaining any scholarships you've been awarded. In the past, most scholarship programs will work with students participating in this experience to ensure renewable scholarships are not canceled as a result of participation.
  • Do I still take classes toward my degree while completing the internship?
    • Interns take a minimum of 6 internship credit hours but must enroll in 12 credit hours through WTAMU to qualify for financial aid. For example, you may take 6 hours in an internship, 3 hours online, and an additional 3 hours as an independent study. This should be personalized to meet the needs of your individual course plan and work within course offerings that semester.
  • Will the 6 hours of internship credit count towards my degree?
    • This will depend on your degree plan. The hours will generally count toward your degree as electives or a required experience (ex. senior capstone). There are some programs that do not have a place to plug in the 6 hours of internship.
  • What happens if my degree requires a class that is only offered on a 2-year rotation and occurs the semester I would spend as an intern? 
    • We recommend you work with your academic adviser and the faculty member instructing the course to determine if a viable solution can be found allowing you to enroll in the course while completing the internship program. Any approved alternatives for course completion would be at the discretion of the faculty member instructing the course.