Admission to the Doctoral Program

Steps for Admission

Applicants must complete all requirements for admission to the Graduate School and must be accepted into the Graduate School and a doctoral program before enrolling in doctoral-level courses. International students must meet all requirements set forth by the International Student Office. Also, international students must observe an earlier deadline to facilitate extra processing.

For domestic students, deadlines for completing all steps are:

Fall enrollment: August 1
Spring enrollment: December 1
Summer enrollment: May 1

For international students, deadlines for completing all steps and submitting educational documents to the International Student Office are:

Fall enrollment: May 1
Spring enrollment: October 1
Summer enrollment: March 1

Failure to meet these deadline will preclude enrollment in doctoral-level courses (8000-level courses). Students must be admitted before being eligible for federal financial aid.

Step 1: Apply to the Doctoral Program

Applicants for doctoral study must file an application for admission (see the WTAMU website, and submit an official transcript for each institution attended. Students must be eligible for readmission at the last school attended.
NOTE: All applicants must submit a $40 ($90 for international applicants) non-refundable application fee.

Meeting minimum admission requirements to the Graduate School does not guarantee admission into the doctoral program. Students should consult with the head of the department in which they wish to pursue a doctorate for additional information.

Step 2: Submit Three Letters of Recommendation

All doctoral applicants must submit three letters of recommendation to the Graduate School. Letters may be mailed, emailed, or faxed. Send letters to:

The Graduate School
Killgore Research Center, Room 102
WTAMU Box 60215
Canyon, TX 79016
Phone: 806-651-2730
Fax: 806-651-2733

NOTE: Applicants previously admitted who do not enroll in courses for either a fall or spring semester must reapply to the University and must receive permission from the doctoral program for readmission.