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Graduate School Graduation


Congratulations! Your years of hard work and perseverance have come to an end, and it’s time for graduation. Here’s what you should do to make certain that the path to the ceremony is smooth.

First, apply for graduation from the Graduate School; the application form is available through the Buffalo Portal. There is no fee, but be sure to apply by to the deadlines.

May Graduation: Apply by December 1
August Graduation: Apply by May 1
December Graduation: Apply by August 1

Second, go to the University Bookstore. You can buy your regalia and order invitations there.

You will receive letter from the Graduate School with instructions for the ceremony, but you likely want to know what will occur. Briefly, you will line up with others in your college who are getting the same degree as you (e.g, MA, MS, MEd, MBA, etc). You will be led into the ceremony by a faculty member from your college and be followed by your college’s undergraduates. Staff from the Graduate School will be on hand to make sure you line up correctly, arrange your hood properly, and meet up with faculty leader at the right time. Then, you just enjoy the ceremony and bask in the recognition of all you have accomplished.

Following a custom established in the 14th century, master’s and doctoral scholars display their academic achievements by wearing academic graduation hoods. The hood, adorned with the college colors, represents the academic accomplishments recognized by the university and academia.  Thus, the hood represents the honor designation as all those who achieve a master’s or doctoral degree are recognized as completing a rigorous program of study at the highest levels of academic achievement. This tradition is represented by the WTAMU faculty at each commencement ceremony by faculty wearing academic regalia. To further recognize this honor, each WTAMU master’s level graduate student participating in the commencement ceremony is individually hooded by his or her college dean.  Those students completing the doctoral degree are hooded by their major advisor.

WTAMU’s process is consistent with many other graduate schools.  While it is not traditional at the graduate school level for master's students to graduate with an honors designation, it understandable that students who complete graduate level coursework with a 4.0 are proud of this achievement.  Students who desire and request further recognition for a perfect 4.0 GPA can receive a professional certificate of recognition.  Any student who has a final GPA of 4.0 should contact the Graduate School if he/she would like the certificate.