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Gerald Schultz Bio
Dr. Gerald D. Schultz

Gerald E. Schultz, Ph.D.

Professor of Geology

Office: Agriculture and Natural Sciences Building, Room 330
Email: gschultz@wtamu.edu
Phone: 806-651-2570

Professional Profile

Dr. Schultz joined the Department of Geology (now the Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences) in 1964.  He hails from Red Wing, Minnesota and received a B.S. in geology from the University of Minnesota in 1958, a M.S. in geology from the University of Minnesota in 1961 and a Ph.D. in geology/paleontology from the University of Michigan in 1966.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Schultz teaches introductory Earth Science, Mineralogy, Minerals and Rocks, Geomorphology, Oceanography, Paleontology and Human Origins.  He also advises students majoring in geology and has given numerous talks and presentations on rocks, minerals, fossils and regional geology to public school classes, teachers' workshops, Texas Master Naturalists and museum activity groups, like Dinosaur Day at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Schultz's research interests are in the field of vertebrate paleontology and biostratigraphy, especially the fossil mammals (three-toed horses, camels, rhinos, saber-tooth cats, mastodons and tiny rodents and shrews) that lived in the Southern High Plains during the last 10 million years of geologic time.  He is the author of many scientific papers, co-author of the book entitled "Ice Age Mammals of Northwestern Texas" and is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and the Paleontological Society.

Personal Sketch

Dr. Schultz lives in Amarillo with his wife, Joyce.  Both are active in their church.  They have three grown children.  Hobbies include attending concerts and plays, travel, collecting and enjoying old opera and jazz recordings and old movie serials, westerns and detective films.  He would love to get together with fellow 'oldies' buffs.