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General Studies Program

Office of General Majors

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) Degree

(Major Code: 136)

For the B.G.S. degree, the student must complete, in addition to the WTAMU core curriculum, a minimum of 78 hours of electives, including at least 39 advanced hours earned at WTAMU (grade of "C" or better in advanced hours). Some advanced course work is available online. In addition, at least 30 of the final 36 hours counted toward a degree must be earned at WTAMU. Minors are not permitted with the B.G.S. degree.

A maximum of 36 hours in one academic discipline can count toward this degree. An academic discipline is designated by a course prefix, as ENGL for English or POSC for political science. Music courses, whether MUSI (music) or MUAP (applied music) or MUEN (ensemble), are counted as one academic discipline. Education courses, whether EDEC, EDEL, EDPD, EDRD, EDSE, EDSP, EDT and EPSY, are counted as one academic discipline.

For details about the B.G.S. degree, contact an advisor in the Office of General Majors:

Patricia McCormick                                               
B.A.A.S./B.G.S. Advisor