Gender Studies Faculty

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Gender Studies Leadership Team

A Von Lintel headshot

Dr. Amy Von Lintel -  
Director of Gender Studies
Doris Alexander Endowed Distinguished Professor of Fine Arts
Professor of Art History


Kimberly Heib headsho

Dr. Kimberly Hieb - 
Gender Studies Faculty Fellow
Assistant Professor of Music


 Misty Gamble headshot

Misty Gamble, MFA - 
Gender Studies Faculty Fellow
Assistant Professor of Art


Jessica Mallard

Dr. Jessica Mallard
Dean, Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities
Professor of Communication Studies 

Faculty Across Campus

Art, Theatre, and Dance

Anne Medlock Headshot

Anne Medlock, MFA -
Professor of Theatre
Areas of interest: gendering of bodies in clothing and costumes throughout history; roles of gender and sexuality in theater performance


Echo Sibley Headshot 

Echo Sunyata Sibley. M.F.A., M.M. -
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Areas of Interest: Roles of gender and sexuality in theatre performance, feminism as applied to theatrical texts, female and LGBTQA+ playwrights, the history of women in clowning, silent films, devising, comedy and commedia dell’arte.


Leslie Williams, MFA -
Professor of Dance



Andrew Li

Dr. Andrew Li -
Williams Professor of Management
Associate Professor of Management
Areas of Interest: how gender impacts individuals' identification with their work and family roles and their ability to balance demands from different domains in life, and how gender identity impacts important work-life decisions


Kris Drumheller

Dr. Kris Drumheller -
Professor of Communication Studies
Areas of interest: social identity construction particularly as it relates to organizational communication and issues of work-life balance; the impact of identity in organizational crises or crises that occur with organizations directly related to issues impacting women and LGBTQIA communities

Noah Franken 

Dr. Noah Franken -
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Areas of interest: interpersonal communication, identity, and family communication


Paula Schlegel

Paula Schlegel -
Associate Lecturer of Communication Studies

Counseling and Education

Photograph of Leigh Green

Dr. Leigh Green -
Associate Professor of Education
Areas of interest: Student-Veteran transition to campus, women veterans, rape culture on college campuses, feminist theory in counseling, LGBTQIA studies

English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages


Dr. Matthew Harrison -
Assistant Professor of English

Areas of interest: the recovery and analysis of women's writing, feminism and queer theory as applied to early modern texts, gendered metaphors for writing


Dr. Monica Hart
Professor of English
Areas of interest: feminist literary theory, British women writers, poetry, psychoanalytic theory, the Gothic


Dr. Daniel Helbert -
Assistant Professor of English


Dr. Alex Hunt -
Professor of English, Philosophy, and Modern Lanugages


Eric meljac headshot

Dr. Eric Meljac -
Assistant Professor of English
Areas of interest:  representations of women in postcolonial narratives, especially the roles women play in African literature, and the writings of Toni Morrison


Dr. Andrew Reynolds - 
Associate Department Head 
Professor of Spanish


Dr. Pat Tyrer -
Professor of English



Dr. Matt Reardon -
Associate Professor of History

Jean Stuntz

Dr. Jean Stuntz -
Professor of History

Political Science and Criminal Justice

Dawn Jordan

Dawn Marie J. Jordan, MA    
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: specialty in Community Corrections; research interests include human trafficking, female sex offender and serial killers; women involved in the mafia and gangs

Dr. Keith Price -
Professor, Political Science and Criminal Justice; Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work

Dr. Maxine DeButte -
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kenneth Denton -
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Lisa Garza -
Department Head
Professor of Sociology

Dr. Nicole Kraus - 
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Areas of interest: social stratification and intersectional analyses that considers the importance of gender, class, and race.

Dr. Jenifer Kunz -
Professor of Sociology



Dr. Amy Von Lintel
Director of Gender Studies