Gender Studies Current Courses

Current Course Offerings

Fall 2022

ARTS 4371-01 – History of Modern Art

Instructor: Amy Von Lintel

This course explores the history of so-called “modern” art from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth. In our studies, we will explore themes of identity, including race, class, gender, nationality, sexuality, and more.


COMM 3331 - Organizational Communication & Leadership 

Instructor: Kristina Drumheller

T/TH 8-9:15 a.m., a HyFlex course and can be taken asynchronously as well 

This course addresses the challenges of gender stereotypes and expectations within organizational and leadership contexts.


CRIJ/SOCI 3382 - Women and Criminal Justice 

Instructor: Dawn Marie Jordan

Online course 

Evolution and impact of women's participation in the justice system as victims, offenders, and professionals. An emphasis on critical thinking teaches students to look beyond media hype concerning female offenders to study the real stories behind women affected by and working in the justice system. 


ENGL 3350-70 - Bible as Literature 

Instructor: Monica Hart 

Our course goal will not be that of spiritual formation or exploration, but rather to examine the cultural importance of biblical texts in a literary context. We will focus on the Bible as a collection of different genres—poetic, historical, mythological, biographical, prophetic—and as a major influence on other artistic works in the Western world and the way gendered depictions stem from, uphold, and challenge Biblical texts.


ENGL 3380 - Literary Analysis

Instructor: Eric Meljac 

This course covers the history of what it means to study literature, from the early 20th-century Formalists to contemporary trends in the field of literary studies. Part of the heritage of literary studies is the importance of Feminism to the interpretation of literature. Furthermore, contemporary trends, such as LGBTQ+-based literary analysis, further help us to explore and understand great works of literature. We will read selections from some of the world's foremost literary critics in all fields as well as works of literature that explore gender across the spectrum.


SOCI 4321-70 / 5321-70 - Racial & Cultural Minorities 

Instructor: Jenifer Kunz

Online course 

This course focuses on social psychological and social structural analysis of racial and ethnic relations, prejudice, discrimination, gender differences, responses protests, current issues, immigration, and racial formation.



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