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Core Lab - Feed and Forage Lab at WTAMU

Feed and Forage Testing

The Commercial Core Lab is set to provide feed and forage testing services to both industry and academia.  

Analytical Services to meet your Needs:

Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) is a sophisticated technique for rapidly analyzing common forages and grains. Multiple components are determined simultaneously making results available generally within 24 hours of receipt by the lab. NIR service packages are limited to certain feed types (See NIR Applicability document for more details). We offer the most comprehensive NIR analysis available making it our most popular service and the choice of feed industry professionals.

One of the main research projects we are working is the Fancy Model which is associated with the new Equine Nutrition and Management Consortium at WTAMU.  (See Press Release, from Equine Chronicle)

For all your feed and forage testing needs, please contact David Parker at dparker@wtamu.edu.


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The WTAMU Feed and Forage Testing Services is a member of the Worldwide Network of Dairy One Labs.